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What's the difference between the sticks and the pastes?

The formulas for our Woohoo deodorant sticks are quite different to our deodorant pastes, and they're applied differently too!

Our deodorant and anti-chafe sticks have a 'hands-off' application style and don't require you to get deodorant on your fingers. You swipe the stick directly onto your armpit and other sweat-and-chafe-prone areas. They have a waxy, firm texture (they need to have this so they don't break). 

Our original pastes have a softer, more buttery texture than the sticks. You apply them with your fingertips, the paste melting on contact with your skin to become creamy. 

Despite their different textures, both the sticks and pastes use the same deodorising ingredients so you’ll see the same incredible BO-busting results whichever style you go for. 

And of course, All Woohoo deodorants  - WILD, TUX, POP, TANGO, URBAN, SURF and MELLOW -  are available across both sticks and pastes