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What do I do if my parcel tracking says delivered - but I have not received it ?

Please check which carrier your order has been sent with, as it will either be Australia Post or Sendle. 

Australia Post

Australia Post has termsand conditions that don't allow us to track past delivery for security and privacy reasons (to protect the recipient).

So unfortunately if your parcel has been marked as delivered by Australia Post, we're unable to follow up any further. 

We would suggest that you speak with the staff at the post office just in case it has been taken there for collection and you can also call Australia Post customer service Helpline 137678 or log a tracking enquiry via their website or your tracking link.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need further assistance.


We'll be able to lodge an enquiry on your behalf, so please contact us via our website chat to organise this. 

Alternatively (or additionally), you are welcome to lodge an enquiry with Sendle too.