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Is Silica safe to use?

There are concerns around some types of silica as a potential carcinogenic,  but we don't use that type of silica here at Woohoo HQ 😊. The silica we use is safe to apply to your skin.

A quick science lesson! There are two types of Silica:

  1. Non-crystalline (amorphous) - found in plants - this is the kind we use
  2. Crystalline forms (quartz) - found in rocks or as grains of sand - this is the kind to avoid
Both types of silica are found in nature and can also be produced synthetically.
Crystalline silica (quartz) is the form of silica that is certainly a cause for concern. It is the type of Silica that is a health hazard and is believed by many to be carcinogenic in dust form when inhaled. It is not dangerous applied topically the skin in an emulsion.
Here at Woohoo we choose to use amorphous silica. It has a different structure to crystalline silica at the atomic level (physically) but also in its toxicological properties. There are no hazards associated with amorphous silica, and it is safe to use in topical products. It will stay on the surface of the skin and will not penetrate the skin. We use a nature-identical, synthetic form of amorphous silica to ensure its purity.