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Join our Rewards Program

Join our Rewards Program

Here at Woohoo HQ we're obsessed with creating amazing natural deodorant, skincare and hair products and giving you those "WOOHOO!" moments. 

So, we decided to create this rewards program to help you have those moments over and over again :)

There are 3 levels to the program and you move up the levels by making purchases here on our website or in our store in Newcastle (where we make all this goodness).

As you move up the levels you get access to all sorts of perks and free products. You'll also earn points along the way and the higher up you go through the levels, the more points you'll earn!

(Our favourite perk is that- you'll get to be a part of our new product development program to help us test drive our newest creations before they're launched💚).

As well as earning points with each purchase, but you also get points just for signing up and following us on social media.