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How to have a yarn to your mates about making the switch to natural

How to have a yarn to your mates about making the switch to natural

So here’s our advice: you don’t need to do the standard one syllable comms to talk to your mates about switching to natural, vegan skincare and grooming products.

Just be honest…it's a trait widely respected.

Let’s face it the ‘hipster’ movement has helped make slathering your face with a profusion of natural skincare products, while eating a raw bliss ball and drinking cold brew coffee totally ok.

Yes, you’ll always get those “knuckle heads” who might snigger like at the thought of a man caring for their skin or sneer at the fact you’ve gone off eating toxins, but ... who cares?

Making the switch to natural is about education and empowerment. Granted your mates might think you’re a geek and give you some stick because all you seem to do is read labels and look up ingredients but cluing up on the common culprits is key to living a longer, healthier life.

So next time you have a yarn to your mates about switching to natural, make sure you share the glut of good reasons for doing so. You might find them offering to shout you another beer just to hear more. (if their not as tight as a ducks proverbial)

6 awesome reasons to go natural

1. You are what you apply

Everyone’s heard the saying “You are what you eat,” well the rule should be you are what you absorb. Things you put on your skin can gets absorbed into the bloodstream (within 26 seconds, in fact). So the whole point of wearing moisturiser is for your skin to absorb the ingredients therefore it pays to ensure that only safe ingredients are being absorbed by our skin.

2. You care about your health

Reducing your toxic load isn’t a fad; it’s an attempt to avoid some bad health issues. Just do a Google search on ‘toxic ingredients’ and you’ll get some alarming results. Though please read with caution as not everything on google is true. The big takeaway is that not everything in food, personal care items and household goods is good for you. Some place profit over people.

3. You like where you live

Ok so maybe you don’t love where you live; you’re planning to move suburbs or even states—we’re looking at the bigger picture here. You like planet earth and you’re aware that those plastic containers your food comes in are likely to end up in landfill and could leach chemicals into the surrounding water and land.

What happens to the household detergent that washes down the sink? Yes, it pollutes the water and animals it comes in to contact with. Making the move to natural is often part of a bigger awareness of the impact of chemicals on the environment.

4. You don’t like allergies

Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, I bet you know plenty of people that do and even if you don’t what about your kids? Wouldn’t you like to reduce their chances of getting allergies from known irritants? Choosing products free from allergens and harsh chemicals can help prevent skin sensitivity and allergic reactions. Seems a bit of a no-brainer doesn’t it?

5. You like animals

By choosing natural products that are also vegan and cruelty-free (notALL are) you’re helping to protect our furry friends from animal testing—and this makes you a pretty NICE guy!

6. You like looking good