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Something for new Mums – do you massage your baby?

For the all the new Mums, Mother’s Day is a great time for bonding with your baby through the power of skin to skin contact.

There are too many benefits of infant massage to list here but some of the best ones are that it helps both baby and parent to relax, and encourages baby to sleep deeper and longer.

There are some important things to consider when choosing a suitable massage oil.

Here’s the scoop – with the help of International Association of Infant Massage we have created TLC Oil. It is an ultra-gentle moisturising oil perfect for bub and Mum. It is:

  • a special blend of cold pressed vegetable oils
  • contains only 100% organic ingredients
  • free from fragrances, essential oils or additives

If you would like to experience the beauty of infant massage with your baby, click here to order some TLC Oil today.