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Sneaky Stinkers - 5 Surprising Things That Can Make You Smell Worse

  • 2 min read

Sneaky Stinkers - 5 Surprising Things That Can Make You Smell Worse

Ever felt like on some days you smell worse than on others, like your armpits are giving off a whiff that would outlast religion?

Well that smell is not imaginary like Mr Snuffleupagus – there are things you do in your everyday life that can make your B.O. (body odour) super-strength.


Oh no! Saturday night drinks might make you clear the table at Sunday lunch (unless you’re wearing Woohoo of course). As your body breaks down the alcohol to get rid of it, some exits via your skin. The sweat-eating bacteria then have a party of their own leaving you smelling less than your best to say the least.

Spicy food

A spicy Vindaloo can do more than give you an unenjoyable toilet experience. When your body digests garlic, chili and curry it creates gases with high amounts of sulphur. Eating sulphur-rich foods like brussel sprouts can also cause this.

Sulphur is also known as rotten egg gas so you never have to eat Brussel Sprouts again (Aaron has been looking for a reason not to eat brussel sprouts for years – finally he’s found one!).

Not eating your Spinach

Unlike brussel sprouts, leafy greens have the opposite effect on B.O. Leafy greens are high in chlorophyll and this can reduce the internal causes of B.O. So when you are craving a curry have the kale at the ready.

Low Magnesium

This is the numero uno of minerals at the moment. All the other minerals are jealous and wondering why Magnesium is getting all the attention. Well not only is it great for strong hair, clear skin, better sleep and greater overall health it also reduces internal causes of B.O.

To increase magnesium levels have a bath with magnesium flakes and eat some dark chocolate. Chocolate and a long bath can only result in good times.


When you are ovulating your body temp can rise by half a degree. This internal rise in temperature triggers the body into cooling mode which is - you guessed it - to sweat more. There’s not much you can do here except switch to an extra strength deodorant like Woohoo Wild if needed.

There are some more sneaky causes which we may tackle another time.