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First World Antiperspirant Problems 101

First World Antiperspirant Problems 101

While the premise of antiperspirant seems simple – you put it underneath your arms for the ultimate protection against the dreaded stink – using this daily staple can be a whole ‘nother story especially when it comes to those narky aerosol cans.

We’re sure you can relate to more than a few of these first world problems below ;) Get ready to giggle! Oh and there's a video as well. (But there are few serious problems in there too that we thought you needed to know about in case you were wondering if you should switch to a paste instead).

PITFALL #1 - Mistaking your dry shampoo for your antiperspirant.

Those mornings where you just can’t seem to wake up are often the ones when you reach for your can of hair refresher as opposed to your trusty anti-smell spritz. We all know what happens next...

PITFALL #2 - Your black tee getting white all over (from aluminium!)

Ever had those mornings where you’re half asleep and pull on your fave black tee, swipe or spray your antiperspirant and as you lift your arms notice the huge wet white spot transferring through the material? Yup, those kinds of antiperspirants suck. Thankfully a paste like this onehere(wink) will never have you looking like Streaky Sam.

PITFALL #3 - Being in a public stink out at the gym.

We’ve all made this mistake, thinking the release is on the other side of our antiperspirant can and spraying it right into your face. The end result? One helluva cough! Another nifty reason to switch to a paste, darewesay!

(Or even worse… getting crop dusted by someone in the gym change rooms!)

PITFALL #4 - Ugly yellow sweat stains on all of your white clothes (narky aluminium… again!)

You didn’t pick up the right one at the store, and now it’s punishing you. Yellow sweat stains plague your favourite clothes. Sounds like you’re using a dodgy anti-perspirant. That yellow colour is the aluminium reacting with your sweat.

PITFALL #5 - False expectations

There is a lot of moolah that goes into marketing campaigns for some of the big antiperspirant brands and you can’t believe everything you read. Guys - spraying yourself with manly smelling antiperspirant is NOT going to send the ladies wild. Rather, your skin will absorb toxins and your sweat will start to stink over time, meaning you’ll have to keep wasting dosh on can after can. You know what to do.

PITFALL #6 - Antiperspirants that contain aluminium are actually not so good for your health

Why is aluminium so bad? Becausealuminium-containing antiperspirants prevent toxins from being expelled by your body. These toxins clog up lymph nodes around your armpits and have been linked to all kinds of health issues. Yikes! Thankfully our little Woohoo dudes are aluminium free!

Oh, and have you heard of “clinical strength” antiperspirant? That just means more aluminium. Eeek!

PITFALL #7 - Antiperspirants aren’t as effective as you think they are.

They’re only effective at blocking about 20% of your sweating, so the other 80% is still going to smell. True story.Helpful Hint: make the switch to an all-natural pro-perspirant paste devoid of all the common pitfalls.

As we mentioned before,antiperspirants use aluminium salts to either block, close or clog your pores to prevent you from sweating. On the other hand, deodorants don’t interfere with your pores or glands and still let you sweat but create an environment on your skin that prevents bacteria from having a wild party stinking up the joint.

We like to call our deodorant a ‘pro-perspirant’ because we’re all about being PRO-LIFE, and PRO-HEALTHY and our tubs of magic come with plenty of pro’s.100% natural, vegan, cruelty free - they just WORK! Woohoo will love your armpits more than any misleading, million dollar ad campaign would.

Don’t believe us? Try for yourself HEREwith our sample pack. Here’s to sweating with pride, minus the pitfalls ;)

What are some of your antiperspirant pitfalls? Go on, share! We won’t judge… much ;)