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Shave Cream vs Shave Gel vs Shave Oil Gel - WTF?

  • 2 min read

There’s a whole gamut of shave products out there on the supermarket shelf, so you could be forgiven for being just a tad confused.

Maybe you wanted to try something new but all the choices made you swoon so you ended up just chucking the usual Brut in your trolley.

There’s shave creams, gels, oils and shave oil gels. WTF?! Which one should you be using?

I’m here to clear things up for you so you know what to get next time you’re needing to stock up. Here goes.

Option #1 - Shave Cream

Shave creams are usually soap-based. They use soap bubbles to create a light and airy lather, cushion and slip. They can be foaming or non-foaming (you use your brush to lather it up).

As nice as they can be to use, the downside is that shave creams can be drying and irritating (and in my experience they’re usually highly fragranced with synthetic fragrances).

Option #2 - Shave Gel

Your shave gels can usually have a really rich lather. Instead of soap, they work by using high levels of surfactants (i.e. detergents) to create a thick foam.

They’re easy to use, and super convenient but the surfactants can often leave you with tight, dry skin because all of your skin’s natural oils are stripped away, opening the door for skin issues, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Option #3 - Shave Oil

Shave oil is an oil you put on your skin BEFORE your shave cream to stop your skin from drying out and to increase the glide of your razor. It’s not really a product you’d usually use on its own for shaving.

Option #4 - Shave Oil Gel

Last but not least, this bad boy combines the convenience of a gel, the cushioning of a cream, and the slide of an oil, all in 1 convenient, easy-to-use package.

It’s your chance to have your cake and eat it too.

You get a nice close, smooth shave with a product that helps to prevent the dry skin and irritation often associated with shaving (a.k.a the dreaded shave rash).

The all natural HESO Shave Oil Gel is fragranced naturally with essential oils and is kind to sensitive skin. You can check it out here.

[Shameless plug alert]

The HESO Shave Oil Gel won the "BEST SHAVING PRODUCT" in 2019's international Beauty Shortlist Awards. Hurrah! Here's what the judges had to say:

"More of a clever hybrid shave oil gel than a classic straight-up oil, this was up there with the best shave products our grooming judges tested - and extra points for its appealing Lemon Myrtle and Cedarwood scent."

I'm pretty chuffed :)