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3 reasons why you need to see a professional (for a facial, that is)

3 reasons why you need to see a professional (for a facial, that is)

We love a good "at-home" pamper session just as much as the next person, but sometimes you just wanna be taken care of.

It’s the same as going out to nice restaurant. Yes we can all cook a tasty meal but going to a fancy-pants restaurant is a treat. And you know the chef will out do your Sunday night special.

Visiting a highly skilled beautician, aesthetician or cosmetologist (they’re all the same person by the way) can really help your skin. Here are our 3 favourite reasons to go for a professional facial treatment.

1. Discover more about your skin

What’s that famous saying? “Knowledge is power”. A good beautician is there to help you through your skin’s darkest days. Because - let’s face it - sometimes skin is downright confusing. We do our very best to help you through email and phone but sometimes you’ve got to have someone there in person. With their expertise and experience they can get your skin back to looking radiant.

2. Smoother, clearer, more hydrated skin

Put a Stradivarius in my hands and I’ll make some cat screeching noise, put it the hands of concert violinist and music will fill your ears and heart.

Just like a violinist a very skilled beautician has a knack for getting the best out of any product. They have a feel for the right level of exfoliation, how much moisture your skin needs and can clear away a black head faster than a politician can break a promise.

3. It’s extreeeemely relaxing

If you’ve never had a facial massage then you need to. Full stop. Facial massages stimulate blood, increase lymphatic drainage, relieve tension and help to tone your skin and facial muscles.

Not only does it feel so darn good but sitting back, eyes closed and drifting away calms the mind and lets you slip into deep relaxation. Just like meditation, facial massages decrease stress, lowering your internal inflammation, resulting in a happier and healthier you. And this shows in your skin too!

Say g'day to our Happy Professionals

When we were a bit more naive we always thought salons were stomping ground of overpriced cosmeceuticals. Oh how wrong we were.

More and more beauticians are needing high quality natural and organic products for their clients and we’re incredibly flattered that Woohoo Skincare fits that bill.

Yes, you guessed right. Woohoo Skincare now has some absolutely amazing beauty professionals using our creations. And we’re getting approached by more of these wonderful women each week as the word spreads about how good a Happy facial is :)

To find out if there is one near you head over to ourstockist page. It’s a modest list but growing all the time.

We would love to have more beauticians spreading the happy vibes around, so if you know of anyone who would be a perfect match for us, please give us a shout!