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Our natural deodorant is nearly ready. Now you can try it too.

Waaaaaay back in January we asked for some willing human hamsters (product testers) to trial a natural deodorant for us. It took us a while to get the formula ready and sent out (we may need to increase our Happy Team members), but we got there

The reports from the hamsters have come back. To save you the suspense … it’s good news!

The human hamsters did a fabulous job and sweated a whole lot to put the deodorant through its paces. Their feedback overwhelmingly positive (hooray!). The biggest complaint was that the jar had finished!

To go back a step, if you are wondering why we are creating a natural deodorant, this blog post covers why you should ditch your antiperspirant.

Sweating is actually really good for you. And antiperspirants AREN’T. We understand that no one wants to go around smelling like you have been camping for a week without a shower, and that’s why we have been working on a 100% natural deodorant.

Most of you told us that the natural deodorants you had tried just didn’t work. And you know we love a good challenge. It took us about 6 months, but we think the formula is almost right.

Fun Fact – Anthropologist Louis Leakey suspects that our body odour comes from our ancient defence system to stop animals from eating us.

We’re always nervous that new products aren’t going work as well as we planned. We shouldn’t have worried as the natural deodorant worked for most of the hamsters and no one reported any skin irritations.

Irritated skin was our biggest concern because bicarb soda can really be uncomfortable for some. Bicarb is amazing at stopping B.O. (the dreaded body odour) but too much leaves you with red, itchy armpits. We don’t wish that on anyone.

Our product testers had some suggestions for us to help make the formula even better, but before we get too carried away making changes we want some more human hamsters to try it.

That’s where you come in

Here’s your chance to try out our natural deodorant


We have 30 more natural deodorant samples ready for you in the Woohoo Skincare shop. Just add it to your shopping bag along with the rest of your order – it’s free!

The samples are 20 grams, enough for a couple of weeks so you can really give the deodorant a good workout.

If you need some goodies and want to test out the deodorant then move swiftly as we don’t think they will hang around for long. Don’t forget to add it to your order!

If you don’t have anything else you’d like to order you’re still more than welcome to order the deodorant sample on its own, but $9.90 shipping does apply.

Other news in the deodorant world is that we also working on a bicarb soda free version. It’s for all the SUPER sensitive people like Aaron who react to even a small amount of bicarb.

Now … all we need to do is to get cracking so we’ll have a new natural deodorant ready for you before summer arrives!

If you’re keen to join our human hamster team, grab your natural deodorant sample today.