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Omega 5 and 7 – The Unsung Skin Heroes

Hands up if you haven’t heard of Omega 5 or 7? Don’t feel silly, most of us haven’t because the other essential omega oils (3, 6 & 9) get all the attention.

Today that is about to change because we’re going share the amazing health benefits of omega 5 and 7.

Omega 5 – Punicic Acid

Omega 5 comes from pomegranates. It’s a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, perfect for helping to stop premature ageing due to sun exposure. A study done by the University of Michigan found that pomegranate seed oil with its omega 5 content helps speed up skin rejuvenation (which slows down wrinkles – woohoo!).

For those who are interested in the technical side of things: Omega 5 works by stimulating keratinocyte proliferation in the epidermis. The University of Michigan study also found that pomegranate extract with its Omega 5 stimulated collagen production by fibroblasts in the dermis.

Omega 7 – Palmitoleic Acid

Macadamia Oil is an excellent source of Omega 7Although it has the word “palm” in it this is nothing to do palm oil. It’s found in Macadamia nuts (go Australia!) and Sea Buckthorn Berries. When it comes to helping the skin Omega 7 mixes it with the best.

Omega 7 provides key building blocks for skin, hair and nails. It’s quickly absorbed by your skin and helps beat wrinkles, dryness, loss of skin elasticity, and other signs of ageing. It can also boost collagen production and protect your skin against sun damage, toxins and environmental stress.

A quick plug

Omega 5 (Pomegranate) is contained in the Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil and the Pig in Mud Mineral Mask (for Normal / Anti-Ageing).

Omega 7 (Sea Buckthorn or Macadamia) is found in the Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil or the TLC Intensive Repair Oil.

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