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New body oil! Free gift alert ;)

If you remember way back to the first days of Jan 2015, you’ll recall that we created a most divine scent by complete fluke. An essential oil mix-up that turned out better than we could have hoped.

We created the sophisticated and sultry scent of sipping cocktails as the summer sun dips below the horizon. Not a child in sight.

(Hope you don’t mind us getting a little “flowery” on you, but this aroma really does excite our senses!).

It was a blunder that turned out to be a fan favourite. The Summer Limited Edition Good Vibes Omega Facial Oil with its fresh bergamot aroma was a real smash hit. They were all snapped up and now taking up prime real estate in many beauty cabinets.

We were left wondering wistfully …. What is going to happen when they run out? Will the fresh, summery bergamot aroma be lost forever?

This question had been keeping us awake at night. We couldn’t justify adding another facial oil to the stables.

But we needn’t have fretted because the answer was staring us in the face. You had already told us how to keep the summer edition aroma alive. All we needed to do was put 2 and 2 together.

2 + 2 = Body Oil

The TLC Intensive Repair Oil has long been our go-to body oil. There have been too many amazing stories on how it has helped peoples skin to think we would ever need to improve on it. When we created the TLC Intensive Repair Oil we intentionally left essential oils out so that the aroma was as neutral as possible, minimising any chance of irritation to sensitive, highly stressed skin.

BUT – This was not everyone cup of tea as one of the most important ingredients of the TLC Oil – Tamanu oil – has a very distinct earthy aroma.

We have had so many requests for a beautiful, aromatic body oil.

We always listened to those requests but we had a formulator’s version of writers block when it came to creating an aroma for it. Maybe our blunder back in January 2015 was actually our subconscious revealing the answer without us noticing it until now. Woah that’s a bit out there

The ‘Blissed Out’ Body Oil has arrived

Your beautiful, aromatic body oil is finally here. An oil for you to get your daily dose of bliss. It keeps those legs of yours silky, hydrated and healthy, as well as being the perfect stand-in facial oil for dry skin, hair treatment for healthy strong and shiny locks, and a few drops in the bath makes for a heavenly soak.

You’ve gotta love a multitasker!

The crowd favourite bergamot aroma has jumped into bed with some crazy coconuts and jojoba (but that’s not all!), resulting in the newest Woohoo Skincare family member, the ‘Blissed Out’ Body Oil.

When you smell this oil you’ll be seduced by its citrus sophistication. It’ll take you to a blissful place …. but it’s not all about the aroma.

This body wonder nourishes your skin and smells better than any drink served in a pineapple. It’s nut-free tropical island bliss in a bottle.

It’s light, fast-absorbing and non-greasy, and gives your skin instant, deep hydration, helping protects you from the elements all year round.

Minimal Ingredients for Maximum Results

The saying ‘less is more’ applies here perfectly. 7 ingredients is all it takes for silky smooth hydrated skin. If you only have room for one oil in your beauty arsenal than this it.

The ‘Blissed Out’ Body Oil is a delicate balance of some of our favourite oils (soon to become your favourites too :)). It’s a massive daily nutrient boost for your skin, delivering the alphabet of vitamins (A, B, C, E and F) as well as squalane, lauric acid, and oleic acid.

And every time you use it, just close your eyes and the intoxicating wafts of citrus and coconut will have you picturing yourself on a far flung idyllic paradise. Eons away from the daily stresses.

Blissed out beach cocktail

Who doesn’t love a good freebie?

If you’re quick you can try this for free because we are including a complimentary ‘Blissed Out’ Body Oil in every order over $50 placed for the next 2 weeks only (you’ll need to order before 15 March 2015). But there is a limit of 1 per customer.

Do you have a regular delivery? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! If your regular delivery comes around before 30 June 2015, we’ll make sure you get your body oil included with your next delivery.

Grab this sultry summery freebie today. Don’t let the fact that it’s the beginning of autumn stop you … hold onto the summer vibe for as long as you can.

(You don’t need to add the oil to your shopping bag, we’ll do it for you auto-magically!)