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Mastering the Ultimate Shave

It’s a fact: facial hair can tell you a lot about a man. Whether he lives in the jungle or on camera. Whether he’s a corporate bloke or a father of three.

Regardless, for most of us lads, grooming can be a magical myth we can never get right.

You may think you're shaving your face by the book, but if you find yourself constantly nicking your skin, scratching ingrown hairs, and finding patches of hair here and there, your method could use a little work.

No dramas, though. Follow these no-fuss steps to master the best shave of your life:

1. The Cut

You can’t catch good waves with a crap surfboard and you can’t get a good shave with a dodgy razor. Choosing a razor can be hard but here’s the solution – avoid all the gimmicks and invest in a simple and cost effective razor that is sharp!

Pair it with HESO’s new-gen all natural shave oil gel which provides supreme cushion and glide to prevent shave burn, rash, or dryness. Be sure to use a light hand and shave with the grain, this will limit the nicks and irritation post-shave.

Everybody has a style, whether it be clean lines or rugged edges. For something in between, try not to over-manicure your facial hair – keep it looking natural and tidy around the edges. Or opt for a completely clean shave.

2. Take Care

Soothe your freshly shaved face, by toning your skin (try our Aftershave which is designed to calm and restore balance and boasts a subtle fragrance because gold chains, turned up collars and heavy colognes were all left back in the 80’s).

Toning will help remove impurities and dead skin ensuring your skin’s pH levels are balanced, your skin is clean, and prevent post-shave irritation. Does that all sound kind of like alien mumble?

In short: skin will look damn good and facial hair (if any) will feel softer.

3. Finishing Touch

Consider this: you’ve got your footy boots in the back seat of your car. You completely forget about them and over time, they starts to become stiff, discoloured and worn out from loads of sun exposure and neglect. However, if you treat them with the right products and take good care of them, they’ll look as good as new regardless of use.

Now pretend your skin is a footy boot – without taking care of it, it starts to look bedraggled and sometimes no amount of facial hair can conceal the signs of a lacklustre face.

Enter: HESO moisturiser. It’s stellar at ensuring your shave is as good as it can get, helps prevent those deep-etched wrinkles, and makes sure facial hair doesn’t become ingrown and inflamed after a shave. Straight from the top shelf this cream unconditionally conditions to keep your skin protected, hydrated and looking good.

Plus, a rich moisturiser is key to keeping dry skin away and oil at bay. Apply after shaving and aftershave to seal the deal.

Follow these three steps and you’re good to go.

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