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Let’s take a minute to look deeply into your eyes… (and why a good ol’ chat is good for your soul)

1986 was a simpler time. Hayley’s comet made an appearance. The movie Top Gun was smashing the box office. And I wasn’t allowed to have a $1 ice cream because it was too expensive (it’s amazing what you remember as a kid).

Our brains also received 5 times less information than they do today – because the internet wasn’t a household necessity and mobile phones were the size of an elephant.

But now we have social media, smart phones, tablets and heaps of other gizmos where information is at our fingertips. 100 years ago a person was lucky to read 50 books in their lifetime.

Surprisingly there is one source of information which is declining – good old conversation.

With our new lifestyles of always being plugged in, our daily social and community interaction has dropped a LOT. For women it has dropped from 92 minutes a day to 36 minutes and men 73 minutes to 28 minutes of human contact. Work is always within arm’s reach so our time for escaping work for a bit of socialising is disappearing.

Don’t get us wrong – we love technology! Being plugged in does have it positives. It allows you to keep in touch with friends and family who live on the other side of the country (or world), and without the internet Woohoo Skincare wouldn’t even exist.

The one part of being a small online business that totally bums us out is that we really miss meeting people like you. Sometimes we imagine we have a powerful ray gun that can shrink us down so that we can live inside your iPhone and hang out with you that way…

OK you caught us out. We don’t have a ray gun. So we try and make our writing as meaningful as possible so that you can get to know us that way instead. Every word we write in newsletters or emails is written from the heart, as if we were writing to a good friend.

We want you to feel like you are part of the Woohoo Skincare family even though we may not have met in person.

We sincerely hope that’s how you feel when you read your emails from us. And if it isn’t, then let us know so we can do better next time.

And who knows what the future holds, there may be a bricks-and-mortar Woohoo Skincare store someday. Wouldn’t that be something!!?!

You might have seen or heard about this video, and it has really inspired us. Take a minute to watch this experiment run by the Liberators (from Perth). It’s incredible and shows the beauty of reconnecting with a real person, even if that person is a complete stranger.

In a weird, roundabout sort of way, reconnecting is good for your skin.

Social interaction is good for your health. It increases endorphins which lowers stress and lowers the risk of depressive and stress-related illness. And nothing makes your skin glow more than a smile after having a good time with another person – friend or stranger.

With the crazy party season looming (for us this usually means more time than ever in front of the computer), we’re vowing to make an extra effort to reconnect with the human beings in our lives.

Have a chat at the checkout. Crack a joke at the bus stop. Have dinner with friends or family. Unplug for a while.

Join us – we’ll still be here when you get back