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Chafing 101 - What is it, and how can I stop it?

  • 3 min read

Chafing 101 - What is it, and how can I stop it?

Dealing with thigh-rubbing, boob-sweating, blistering-feet misery? Sounds like you might have a case of chafing. Which is basically when your skin and sweat team up to create an itchy, red rash that's about as fun as wearing thick wool undies on a hot day. Ouch! 

Since chafing can happen no matter your age, body size or gender, we thought we’d school you on a few tips ‘n’ tricks to keep you feeling fresh, fab and chafe-free year-round.

But first… a pop quiz: Which part of the body does chafing target?

Answer… pretty much everywhere. 

Or to be more specific…

Thigh Chafing - Also known as ‘’chub rub’ for its tendency to occur between the inner thighs, and happens commonly in summer. A walk outside can turn into an uncomfortable waddle if your thighs love each other a bit too much.

Armpit Chafing - This is where the sweat glands live, and love a good party. Too much boogieing down in the disco of life (or just plain physical exertion) can lead to itchy, red armpits. 

Bra-line Chafing - For those of us who wear bras, that tight elastic can often wage war against your skin, resulting in - you guessed it - a chafing. A word to the wise, get that bra size checked regularly.

Nipple Chafing - Looking at you, runners. High endurance activities without proper sports bra and clothing protection can result in rather painful chafing around the nips. 

Groin Chafing - Here's where things get a little, shall we say, personal. Tight underwear, sweat, and friction create the perfect storm for the dreaded groin chafing.

Foot Chafing - The classic 'new shoe blues'. That's right, the wrong socks or a new pair of kicks can rub your feet up the wrong way and leave you with some fiery feet.

Back Chafing - If you've ever worn a heavy backpack and ended up with a raw patch where the straps rubbed, you've experienced this version of chafing.

So as you can see, chafing is caused by repeated rubbing, moisture (especially sweat), and uncomfortable clothing. Your skin does NOT enjoy friction.

Here’s what you can do when that burning, irritated sensation strikes

Stay Dry

Excessive moisture makes chafing wayyyy worse. Toss an absorbent cloth or some eco-friendly face wipes in your bag to mop up the moisture from your skin throughout the day.

Choose Better Fabrics

Loose-fitting clothes and moisture-wicking fabrics (like bamboo) are your skin's BFFs when it comes to eliminating friction and rashes. For underboob sweat buddies, try a bra sweat liner to keep ‘em dry and happy.

Embrace Bike Shorts 

Bike shorts cleverly create a shield against pesky chub rub (aka thigh chafe), by creating a physical barrier between the skin between your legs. The downside, of course, is that on those super-hot days, they can get a bit uncomfortable. If that’s the case, try using anti-chafing thigh bands which will do the same thing as bike shorts but just go over your thighs rather than being a full short.

Create Some Glide

When we talk about glide we’re not talking about going ice-skating (although that would be kinda’ fun!). We’re talking about applying a lubricant to your skin to create a smooth, slippery barrier and help prevent skin friction and the discomfort that goes along with it.

Enter: Woohoo All-Natural Deodorant which doubles as the perfect Anti-Chafe Stick to soften, soothe and protect skin when you need it most. 

Woohoo Natural Deodorant Family Pack (6 x Sticks)


Shea butter and fractionated coconut oil together with naturally-derived vegan wax (cetearyl alcohol – the good kind of alcohol, not the bad kind) provides a soothing, non-greasy shield.

And of ourse Woohoo sticks have deodorising ingredients to keep you smelling looovely and natural absorbent powders will help reduce that sweaty ‘wet’ feeling.

Swipe it anywhere and everywhere you feel a chafe rash bubbling to help eliminate friction and create an effective skin-on-skin glide (but avoid intimate areas).

Keep your chafe-prone areas washed and fully dried each day, paying special attention to making sure skin folds are dry. If you’re experiencing irritation it’s a good idea to try some extra moisturisation in the area.

To help with moisture and barrier repair for cranky skin, try the 'Bestie' Solid Body Moisturiser. Our solid body moisturisers are a delicious mix of plant oils and butters, leaving your skin soft, nourished, and protected.

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If your skin is particularly angry, try the uber-calming Serenity Hyaluronic Body Serum underneath your Bestie. Your chafe will thank you!!

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Enjoy happy chafe-free days ahead! 🌈