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How to layer your skincare products

“In what order do I use all these products!?”

There’s a plethora of different skincare products out there and it can all be more than a little confusing. Plus learning how to use them all correctly can be daunting too.

After all, there is only 24hrs in a day, and if you have 37 products in your regime nothing will ever get done.

Hopefully today we can help shed some light on the matter so you can choose the products that are right for you and know how to use them correctly.

1. Cleanse

Good cleansing is the cornerstone of healthy skin. Too often it is regarded as an inconvenient necessity so we choose a cheap cleanser. However, cleansing with a product that respects your skin's balance (acid mantle) is vital. You'll get more benefit out of the headline acts – the serums and creams.

You may find that you need less of the expensive serums and creams when a quality, acid mantle loving cleanser is used.

Exfoliators and Masks - If you're using an exfoliator or mask, you should add them to your routine after cleansing. We recommend exfoliating and masking 1-2 times per week, but if your skin is sensitive then be sure to do these on different days.

Top Pick – Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm

2. Prepare with a Tonic/Mist

Tonics or Facial Mists will rebalance your skin, remove any cleanser residue, hydrate and plump your skin and act as a carrier so that more goodness from you next layer gets deeper into your skin. 

Top Picks – Tickled Pink Clarifying Facial Mist and Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Mist

3. Treat with a Serum or Gel Cream

If you need extra help with pimples, UV damage, wrinkles or pigmentation then this is where you call in the specialists as your skin is prepped and ready. Serums are packed full of the good stuff and a little goes a long way.

This is also where you'd use an ultra-light gel cream. Most creams would be applied in step #5, but since gel creams have such a low oil content, they need to be applied before oils.

Tip: Don't over-do it! A good point to remember is using every type of product twice a day every day can be too much, particulary if they're high in active ingredients. If so, just use a serum at night or every second night or skip them entirely. Listen and be mindful to how you skin is behaving and you will make the right choice.

Top Picks - FG Serum 01 - Glow and Make My Day Bio-Retinol Gel Cream

4. Time for a little oil

Skin loves oil. Smooth a few drops of oil over your face and you skin will thank you for it. Some facial oils are regarded as serums because they are that good. If you find that a true, concentrated serum is not for you then facial oils could do the trick.

Facial Oils are not for everyone so it’s ok to just use a moisturiser.

Top Picks – Laugh Out Loud Nourishing Facial Oil and the Good Vibes Brightening Facial Oil

5. Lock it in with a moisturiser

Moisturisers lock everything in with a good source of hydration. They also protect your skin from drying out during the day by adding a very subtle protective barrier.

Depending on your skin, it can be wise to keep things light at night as your skin behaves differently. It changes from protection mode and goes into detox and regenerate mode. How many times does the itch from eczema get worse at night or you wake up with a pimple.

If a cream is too heavy it can interfere with your skin’s normal night time process and result in less than optimal skin.

Moisturising is vital but moisturisers are not. If you find your skin is perfectly hydrated and nourished from using facial oils then roll with it. There is no need to overdo and overspend.

Top Picks – Perfectly Happy Light Vitamin C Cream and Over the Moon Rich Repair Cream

6. Protect

SPF – This could be an article all by itself. During the day the best advice is protect with a zinc based natural sunscreen. It is the last product to go on your face as it provides a physical barrier that protects your skin.

One day we will make our own but for now this is a work in progress :)

We hope that has helped. After all that, the main points to take away are:

  • Apply products thin to thick, and
  • Only use the products that work for you.