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How is the “New Year You” going?

The New Year has well and truly begun with January flying by. Before we know it February will be here. After some time away from the daily grind we all get to thinking how we can make this year better than last.

Less stress, more time with family and get fit so the swimsuit fits better next summer.

You may not have made a new year’s resolution but if you are truly honest with yourself there is always something that you want to change.

For me I want to reclaim some fitness back. I have noticed the slide and if I don’t do something now then 10 years will pass before I get around to doing something.

Phoebe and I have set ourselves a 21 day challenge to eat a Paleo Diet.

5 second summary – In a Paleo (or “caveman”) diet you eliminate all grains, dairy, sugar and legumes (e.g. no milk, oats, rice, bread, corn, lentils, no alcohol and no vegetable oils). It is all based on eating grass fed meat, good oils and fats (olive, avocado, coconut), nuts, berries, fruit and as many vegetables as you can.

We are not monks and there are many variations and opinions on the Paleo diet so we were not 100% strict. I like to use the 80/20 rule and if feeling very disciplined 90/10 (90% good, 10% naughty). What’s life anyway without enjoying a treat now and again.

We are 14 days in and enjoying it. The main results so far have been, reduced cravings, no more feeling bloated, snacking less, waking up easier and reduced skin outbreaks.

So how are you going with your new goals? Don’t let February come without having made a start! We’d love to hear from you via email or facebook