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The results are in: What we learned about YOU :)

Do you remember that feeling you got just before your school report card was handed over to your parents?

Well, we thought that was one feeling that could be put into the “ancient history” bucket, but when the results were ready to read from our big Happy Survey the self doubt butterflies were back with a vengeance. We’re sure you know the ones - they sit right in the pit of your tummy :)

It turns out we shouldn't have been so worried We’re doing OK (MUCH better than OK actually!). We’re by no means perfect but we won't be getting detention either. Phew.

Before revealing all the goss we want to say an enormous THANK YOU to everyone that took part.

You’ve given us exactly what we needed to keep focused on what's important to you. And make sure we keep on painting rainbows of happiness in the skincare sky (hmmm...too much!?). We’re so grateful to you.

So ... ready to be hit with the juicy results?

Here are the big ticket items

We read each and every response to our survey (at least) twice and this is what we learned about you:

  • We can’t pidgeon-hole you ;) Most people have a “liquorice all sorts” type of skin. Sensitive, oily area, dry patches, breakouts, blackheads, sun damage and ageing. Yep most of us suffer little bit of everything or very close to it. You want products that can multi-task like a Mum.
  • You told us the most important things to you are that your products are Australian made, cruelty free, non toxic, safe and last but not least gets real results. Doesn’t sound too hard does it?
  • You’re hanging out for us to make hair care, serums and a body wash. Stat.
  • Our Happy moisturisers are much loved but could be even better to send them to the top of the class.
  • Being eco-conscious is now a way of life. It was no surprise to see that recyclable packaging was extremely important to you. Not just recyclable but EASILY recyclable. Single use is not cool man.

Where to now?

It looks like a pretty small nutshell from such a big survey, but trust us - it is keeping us more than busy (there’s much much more that we didn’t let in about just yet xx).

New products - YIPPEE

New products are on the horizon - hooray! You made it very clear you want a body wash, serums and hair care. You can be assured that they will meet every expectation we mentioned above. And then some.

We’ll be updating and/or adding some new moisturisers to the Happy stable. If the current ones are not for you the new ones will be (bring it on!).

Packaging brain aches ;)

The packaging conundrum always hurts our brains as there is no perfect answer. But there will be packaging changes in the very near future.

We’ll be dabbling in some new types of packaging, and rather than our current philosophy of trying to use as much recycled plastic as possible (and then reverting to virgin plastic when recycled isn't available), we’ll be trying out some new materials.

You can look forward to seeing some products returning to glass, some *possibly* in tins, and some will remain in post consumer recycled plastic. There may also be bigger sizes which cuts down on waste and unnecessary shipping.

Our choices will always be guided by avoiding single use, using recycled material whenever possible and making it easy to recycle.

So as much as we’d love to, we can’t stick around for coffee, sorry. We need to to get back at it. There are things to do :) Thank you again!!!! xo