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How we're being kinder to our environment - New packaging + New formulas

Ever heard of a little thing called World Environment Day? Just in case you missed it - it was on Friday 5 June!

World Environment Day was started by the United Nations and it’s all about checking in with ourselves and reflecting on what we’re doing as individuals to help protect our planet.

For us here at Happy HQ we’re CONSTANTLY thinking about the environment, as we’re so very aware that we’re in an industry where there’s a lot of consuming going on, which means a whole lot of empty packaging being left behind.

The cosmetics industry is far from perfect, and (according to us), packaging is its biggest shortcoming. The unfortunate truth though is that there’s no perfect cosmetic packaging out there for skincare products like ours, and regardless of the packaging we use we’re always going to have an impact on the Earth. It’s just up to us to minimise that impact.

It’s already the norm for us to package most of your favourites in locally manufactured, carbon neutral post consumer recycled plastic, but we know we can always do better, so in the spirit of being kind to the environment this week we’ve made some changes!

New tins for the Cloud 9 and Spoonful of Sugar

About this time last year we moved our Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm and Spoonful of Sugar Exfoliating Scrub into miron glass jars. We're in love with the glass jars because they're so very luxurious BUT they came with a couple of problems:

  1. They’re heavy - meaning they’re more resource intensive to transport (both to and from the Happy Shed)
  2. They break easily - meaning we need more packaging to ship them safely
  3. They have chunky plastic lids - meaning that even though we had reduced plastic a bit there was still room for improvement

So... After a year of testing our larger sized (200g) and sample sized (20g) Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm and Spoonful of Sugar Exfoliating Scrubs in tins, the time has come to move the “standard” sizes into tins too!

The new tins are lighter, much more easily recycled, and they look pretty schmick too :)

Cloud 9 has already been switched over and Spoonful of Sugar will be switching over in the next week or two once we run out of the glass jars we’ve already got in stock. Yippee!

New formula for the Chirpy Charcoal Cleansing Gel

Lately we’ve had our heads down and bums up developing our new Happy You haircare range, and along the way we learned a LOT about creating formulas that are biodegradable and marine safe.

With our newfound knowledge we felt an obligation to update the formula of the Chirpy Charcoal Cleansing Gel to make sure it ticks those boxes too, after all it does get washed down the drain (even if only in very small amounts … unless you’re our nephew!!!).

And while we were at it we tweaked the formula to improve the scent and improve the texture so overall it’s a big win for Chirpy Charcoal lovers! If you’re keen to give the new formula a whirl, don’t forget that sample sizes are available.

You can now bundle our larger refill sizes into the 3 Step Happy System

Our website got a bit of an overhaul on Friday too, with a big change to how you order your 3 Step Happy System. Now there’s a lovely little page which will step you through all your options and let you choose between our standard sizes OR our larger earth-friendly refill sizes (previously it was just available for standard sized products).

You can mix and match standard and large refill sizes to your heart’s content, and there’s still a free gift available if you add some extra happiness to the bundle with a 4th step. Check out our new 3 Step Happy System page here.

And as always, our recycling program is here for you

Don’t forget to keep saving up your empties (from all brands, not just ours!) and send them back to us to earn Happy Points which you can trade in for free products when you place your next order!

You can read all about our Happy Earth Recycling Program here :)

We’re all on this big, beautiful planet together, so let's all do our part and recycle recycle recycle. If Mother Earth could give you a big hug for being an awesome recycler, we’re sure she would!

P.S. While we were having fun creating our new 3 Step bundling feature on the website, we also added a Bespoke Sample Pack. Now you can build your own sample pack with whatever products you like rather than following our recommended packs. This has got to be the BEST way to try all of our latest creations :)