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Are you being 'Green Washed'?

  • 2 min read

Are you being 'Green Washed'?

Even if you’re not entirely sure what “green washing” is, it doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Makes us think of little leprechauns dancing in the shower!

Let us explain. When a brand or company makes itself appear more environmentally friendly (green) than it actually is (often to cover up its non-enviro practices), this is called “Greenwashing”. AKA, pulling the green wool over consumers’ eyes. Darn those guys!

The term “greenwashing” was born in the 1980s; perhaps we were all too busy fussing over our shoulder pads, reeling in pain from our HUGE earrings and dancing to Wham! To recognise it was dodgy marketing hype.

The problem is, it’s still happening today. As more and more of us are becoming aware and concerned about the earth and how our actions are impacting on it—a growing number of companies are fooling us into thinking they’re helping protect the planet while in fact they’re adding to its destruction.

It’s time to put pressure on greenwashing practices and stop those brands and companies that are guilty of it. To do this we need to do our research, read every product label and buy trusted brands.

So how do we avoid being green washed?

Good question, especially seeing as so many brands are guilty of it.

  1. Don’t assume that green packaging means eco-friendly practices.
  2. A product that claims to be ‘natural’ isn’t always the real deal—check out the ingredient list.
  3. If a company’s environmentally-friendly activities are vague you can bet your bottom dollar they’re not quite as green as they claim to be.
  4. Be wise to sweeping claims. What does “Earth smart” mean anyway?
  5. Use the brands and products you trust. Woohoo Body is what it says it is. It’s 100% natural, free from toxins (harmful to the environment and human health), Australian made and its packaging is 100% recyclable with plastic-free options now available (and more exciting options on the way!). Not to mention that 1% of our turnover is donated to preserving this amazing planet.

Want to pick our brains a wee bit more about greenwashing? Ask away below!