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A great way to reduce plastic (Free Gift Alert!) + deodorant samples are back

We have always had a love/hate relationship with plastic wrap or cling wrap. It is just so darn useful and convenient that using it is like an addiction.

You know it’s a bad choice for the environment. And it can ruin your day when it decides to bunch up. But it seems to be ingrained in our daily lives.

That is why there was such a furore when Glad Wrap moved the cutter on their box (so “glad” it wasn’t just us who felt like that last roll was 60 metres of torture).

But debate was focussed on the wrong aspect of cling wrap. If you can avoid cling wrap entirely then who cares where the cutter is?

Cling wrap can’t be recycled, so it’s one of the plastics in our daily lives that we should try and reduce. Personally, we’re guilty of using cling wrap willy-nilly and without much thought. It is very easy to do as you go through your morning routine.

BUT – All that has changed after we read this little eye opener from Rebecca who created 4MyEarth Food Wraps and Pockets:

“We have worked out a rough guide as to how much a child would use in plastic wrap based on a sandwich, muffin and nuts/sultanas in their lunch bag each day for a year. We worked it out to be 105 metres of plastic wrap that would be dumped into our ever-increasing landfill. Times this by a small school of 450 students and it comes to a massive 47,250 metres per year!”

In February this year there were 1,146,575 students enrolled in NSW schools. That is a lot of plastic wrap (over 120 million metres!!) and a lot of landfill in NSW alone.

So how do we break our addiction to the clingy stuff?

The first step is to find something more eco-friendly but just as convenient. The best solutions we have found are the food bags and covers from Rebecca at 4MyEarth. We first come across Rebecca’s goodies when we bought our first bread bag (Phoebe is becoming a self-proclaimed master Sourdough baker!).

4MyEarth has stacks of earth friendly packaging, ethically made from 100% cotton/canvas, washable (in the washing machine or dishwasher!), and with a biodegradable coating which decomposes over time. So it keeps your food fresh without creating unrecyclable landfill.

You know we’re passionate about supporting fellow Australian small businesses, so we’re massively excited to tell you that we have 30 4MyEarth gifts for you, so you can get a taste for these beautiful products too.

Free gift alert – get yourself a sandwich wrap or snack pocket

If you place one of the next 30 orders over $30, we’ll include a 4MyEarth gift for you! We have a selection of snack pockets and sandwich wraps, so if you want to give cling wrap the flick here’s your chance to take the first step.

4myearth sandwich wraps and snack pockets

The snack pockets and sandwich wraps are valued at $11 each, and your gift will be selected randomly. If you desperately want either the snack pocket or the sandwich wrap then shoot us an email after you place your order and we’ll do our darndest to make it happen for you (the designs we have are unisex and different to the designs pictured).

Pop an order in now to avoid missing out (you might want to read on first though!).

Update 23/8/15 8pm: Oh dear, we’re out of stock of our 4MyEarth gifts. Sorry if you missed out! They flew right out the door. Sign up to our newsletter to hear about our next free gift promotion (coming up in September). Or head over to 4myearth.com.au to pick up some goodies for your family. Warning – you can’t stop at 1!

100% natural deodorant samples are back

We are truly humbled by the response we have received about the deodorant paste we’re developing (100% natural, vegan, aluminium free, and WORKS without irritation).

The number of people asking if it’s ready yet has been amazing. It’s keeping us working on it full steam to make sure it’s ready before summer hits. Thanks to our brilliant team of human hamsters, the formula is ALMOST there, with just one more minor change needed (we hope!) to make it super smooth.

You know we don’t like to disappoint so we’ve made some more samples for you to get a preview. We had just enough raw ingredients to get 45 more sample sizes made up.

Natural Deodorant Paste Sample(The formula has been tweaked a little compared to the last batch of deodorant samples we had in the shop so now it’s even better – less oily and fights the pong even better.)

The natural deodorant samples are now available for you here for $5.50. You get 18g which will last a couple of weeks, which is perfect because we can’t make any more for a couple of weeks.

One of our secret weapon ingredients it is coming all the way from Germany and it takes a while to get here. So if you don’t want to have to wait you know what you to do.

Click here to order a natural deodorant sample now.

Here’s what our human hamsters (product testers) are saying

No irritation, no body odour smell, happy arm pits”

I apply in the morning after a shower & throughout the day I didn’t experience any BO. I‘m quite used to natural deodorants that allow you to perspire and this stuff does its smell-blasting job – very well. With other similar deodorants I have experienced an oily mess when sweating but Happy Skin Care deo paste stays put. Thumbs up!”

I really appreciated the lack of irritation. With the XXXXXXX one it was good for a while (like a few months) and then began to cause darkness/redness – possibly as moving into cooler months and less lubrication? So far so good with yours. For me, much better stopping BO than XXXXXXX . I‘ve recently also gotten XXXXXXX and yours is more effective than that too.”

“It is easy to use, not messy, but most of all it works well, only a small amount required then it’s set and forget for the rest of the day because it does its job so well. I love it, would recommend it, and definitely buy it again. It took a little while to get used to the new application, but it’s good and long lasting, economical. No white marks on my clothes.”

Kept me smelling fresh all day sometimes after a work out required an extra application but worked amazingly. Minimal wetness but it is winter too but I am quiet active”

“I haven’t experienced any irritation or burning with this deo, even when applied directly after shaving – whereas other brands have been a bit rough in texture, even grainy, and can leave my pits feeling raw & inflamed from the bicarb soda & lack of the right nourishing ingredients/ratio”

“I found it to work wonders! I work out at the gym frequently and even then, no bad odor whats so ever. It feels natural on, covers and neutralizers body odor and balances perspiration smells, with the slightest of fragrance emitting, it really does work well and gives peace of mind. I found this deodorant highly effective, in that regard especially.”