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Going ‘loco’ - 6 reasons to shop small and locally

  • 3 min read

We all love the convenience of being able to shop online, right?

It’s retail therapy at your fingertips— 24/7. But instead of shopping large, why not shop small and local? It’s better for the planet and your conscience, after all :)

Aside from the fact you can enjoy a case of the ‘feel goods’, here are a few more awesome reasons to shop small and locally:

1. You’re giving back to your local community

Coming in at numero uno is the fact that when you shop local you’re indirectly investing in your local community. Now that’s a nice, warm & fuzzy feeling.

When you think about it, it really does make total sense. By spending your money locally, you’re helping grow your community for the future. After all, that independent coffee shop, the cute homemade cake shop on the corner, that family-run restaurant and the local skincare and personal care store in Newcastle (*ahem*) are what shape your neighbourhood. Without them things would be pretty boring and wouldn’t feel so wholesome!

2. Help for the ‘little’ people

No, silly – forget Oompa Loompas, we’re talking about the businessmen and women, who live in the same street as you, whose kids play with your kids and who you chat to at weekend junior soccer matches.

Running a small business is a risk; it comes with many challenges. But without these ‘little’ people with big ideas and a passion to provide us with something different, there would be less loveliness in the world. So let’s support the small guys working the hard yards as well.

3. You get to have your say

Small business owners are generally much more eager to please and open to listening to customer feedback than the bigger players. (we love, love, loveeeeee hearing from our customers!)

Plus, if you ever have a question, a thought or concern about your purchase, the chances of speaking to the owner of a small, local business are high. This is a perk we can take for granted, but it’s something that major retailers simply can’t compete with.


Buying local can benefit the environment too! Sure, some things are cheaper to buy overseas, but think of all the fuel and greenhouse gas emissions produced in getting the product shipped to you.

Shopping locally is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you’re shopping online or in person, you’re helping reduce transportation emissions.

5. Products made with care

Most small businesses are run by real people — not robots or corporate-controlled structures. This means you get a different kind of care and quality. Just take Woohoo, for example, our products are a reflection of our beliefs to produce quality, ethical goods that are kind to your body, health and the planet. And make you go WOOHOO! We’re not fixated on taking over the world or market share, we simply want to be the very best we can be and bring more smiles into the world.

6. Friendly, personal service (like in the old days!)

Forget big, faceless conglomerates – it’s nice to get to know the people behind local brands. By connecting with local businesses you’re likely to get a much more personalised and friendly service. Plus, they’re more likely to be committed and passionate about doing the best by you.

A little love note

Right now, for many small businesses in Australia (and all over the world), times are tough. So how can we, as business owners, ride out the storm and come out stronger at the other end?

Through YOU, dear friends. A kind testimonial, a referral, a small purchase, a little feedback, a little love, an email sign up, a virtual hug… it all counts.

So pretty please don't turn your back on small business. We are all in this together and every little tiny bit counts to keep this economy humming along.

Stay strong, shop local, support your small businesses and share the love xx