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2 Things you can’t live without this winter – and we’re giving them away!

You know winter has hit when you find yourself sitting on the couch with your ugg boots on, nanna blanket over your knees and sipping a cup of lemon tea.

There is one thing that we believe can make or break your day during winter. It is a small thing and fits easily into your pocket. This is fantastic and frustrating at the same time because they tend to hide in the depths of your bag or get lost right at the moment you need them most.

Have you guessed what it is? Lip balm.

Meet our newest Happy family member – the “You Crack Me Up!” Lip balm

There isn’t a day that goes by without us using lip balm. They are stashed everywhere too – in the car, on the work desk, in a pocket, in the bottom of the washing machine (oops!!), on the bedside table and even one on the kitchen windowsill.

It seems like eons ago but we used to have a Woohoo Skincare lip balm but we stopped making it because it used beeswax which we decided not to use in our products anymore (because of our vegan accreditation – we wanted to be completely free of animal products). We had planned on releasing a new lip balm not long after, because we didn’t think it would take this long to find the perfect replacement for beeswax!

We had pretty much given up until by a fluke we heard about a nifty little ingredient called bayberry wax. It is very common in America as it’s grown there but down here in Oz it is a little hard to come by.

It’s mostly used for candle making but we have found that it makes an AMAZING skincare ingredient. In our humble opinion, the “You Crack Me Up!” Lip balm is even better than the old beeswax version.

The beauty of bayberry wax is that it melts at a low temperature – about body temperature – to give your lips a most luscious coating that seems to last forever.

This lip balm ticks all the boxes. It’s

  • 100% natural and 70% organic
  • Lasts aaaaaages (when’s the last time you woke in the morning and could still feel last night’s lip balm? That happened to me with this lip balm!)
  • Unflavoured for sensitive lips
  • Easy to apply – it literally just glides on
  • Sits and feels lovely on your lips
  • Keeps your lips protected and hydrated so they remain soft and kissable
  • Vegan and totally cruelty free

Important note: We take no responsibility for you randomly kissing strangers because your lips feel so good.

Check it out here.

A cup of tea with a twist – it’s a natural remedy for sore throats

When something is pure brilliance – like a simple cup of tea – it’s hard to improve. A warm cuppa can make you feel better if you’re having a bad day, in a bad mood, or feeling under the weather.

The Five Vocal TeaWe thought making a cup of tea better was impossible until we met Cam and Michelle, the team behind small Aussie business The Five Vocal Tea (you know we love to give a fellow small business a plug when we get a chance, and you’re going to love this!).

Cam and Michelle are singers and actors who have performed in shows like Chicago and Jersey Boys, and they have achieved the seemingly impossible. They’ve made the cup of tea even better.

A few days before a show Cam lost his voice, which is DISASTER for a singer. Luckily for Cam he had a friend who recommended he drink a cup of tea with a special seed in it leading up to the show.

The special seed was called Sterculia Lychnophora (Malva nut) and it is used in Chinese medicine as a remedy for sore throats and hoarse voices.

So in typical Broadway fairy tale fashion Cam regained his voice just in time for the show and blew the audience away :). After the show Cam and Michelle had the idea of creating a tea so more people could benefit from this natural remedy.

The Five Vocal Tea was born.

The 5 Vocal Tea can help more than just singers and actors. If you speak a lot in your day (like a call centre operator, teacher, politician, key note speaker, TV presenter, radio host, yoga instructor, or parent of a 3 year old) then Five Vocal Tea can help soothe your throat.

It’s incredible to watch the seed expand and transform as your tea steeps. And the tea comes in 3 yummy flavours – Lemongrass and Ginger, Calming Blend, and lastly (our favourite) Liquorice, Peppermint and Fennel Seed. They’re all caffeine free too!

I have used it for a sore throat and lost voice and it worked a treat. It wasn’t a magical one sip wonder but it did soothe my throat and I much prefer drinking tea to sucking one of those throat lollies.

Get yourself a FREE Tea Sample and Lip Balm

With the cold and flu season here, we thought we’d put together a little gift to help get you through until the sun returns. We’re dubbing it the “The Great Winter Giveaway”.

Cam and Michelle from The Five Vocal Tea have generously given us 99 trial size packets of tea to share with you. (OK, there were 100 but we had to keep one for ourselves, sorry!)

For the first 99 orders over $30 we’re going to include one of our brand new “You Crack Me Up!” Lip Balms (valued at $9.90) AND a trial pack of the Five Vocal Tea (with 2 teabags and 1 magical nut) (value – priceless!).

These two items will give you that extra little bit of comfort during winter and help you feel better if you’re unlucky enough to be struck down by a cold or flu.

The Great Winter Giveaway

If you’re on a regular delivery, we haven’t forgotten you If your next delivery falls before October 14 you’ll get a bonus lip balm, and we’ll also include a tea sample for you while they’re available.

Be quick because we do only have 99



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