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How to use your Solid Moisturising Body Bar

How to use your Solid Moisturising Body Bar

Simply hold the bar in your hand and glide it over your body wherever you need  moisture - the warmth of your skin will melt the bar just enough so it leaves just the right amount on your skin. Then using your hands massage the moisturiser into your skin.

Please remember that a little goes a long way - all you need is a single swipe!

Our moisturising bars are designed for your whole body from your neck down. We don't recommend using it as a facial moisturiser unless your skin is very dry.

Important: Even though this looks like a soap, it's not! Please don't use this solid moisturising body bar with water! I'm best stored below 30oC away from direct sunlight (I can melt if I get too hot).

If irritation occurs please discontinue use. For external use only.