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Why can't I find any Happy Skincare products on the website?

Don't worry, our Happy Skincare natural skin creations haven't gone away. They've just changed their look! 

In July 2022 we merged our Happy Skincare and Woohoo Body brands together, so now our skincare range is going by Woohoo Skincare 😍.

Our first "brand baby", Happy Skincare, was born many years ago (2010), and since then our brand family has grown and grown....

12 years down the track we have decided focus our energy on just one brand so now Woohoo Body is housing all of our creations from Happy Skincare, HESO Men's Grooming, and Happy You.

WOOHOO!! Get ready for some all-round awesome vibes, a few new product names, and more eco-friendly packaging than ever before.