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What's the difference between Extra Strength, Regular Strength & Sensitive?

Our Extra Strength deodorants have been formulated to include the most active deodorising ingredients (including bicarb soda). They're also scented with essential oil blends that are most powerful when it comes to neutralising body odour. 

Our Regular Strength deodorants have less bicarb soda in them than our Extra Strength formulas. The essential oil blends that we use to add scent are also a little milder / softer. 

Our Sensitive deodorants are bicarb free - instead they use a different balance of deodorisers including magnesium. 

Insider tip: Just because you sweat, it doesn't mean you need an Extra Strength deodorant. In fact, all of our deodorants will blend differently with your unique body chemistry, so you may even find that a Regular strength deodorant will work better than an Extra strength deodorant. To give all our scents a try, check out our sample pack.