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There are lumps in my Woohoo - is that normal?

We love Summer! However, while the heat makes some loopy, it can also make Woohoo go a little lumpy. It’s a perfectly natural thing that shea butter can do.

When we make Woohoo, the shea butter is melted, everything is mixed and homogenised.

We then cool them down as fast as we can.  Unfortunately when the outside temperature is above 35 degrees, the shea butter warms back up again which can let the little balls start to form. They’re more noticeable (or notice-a-ball LOL) when there are clays and powders to grab onto. So if you have a Woohoo that has some little lumps or feels grainy, it has gotten over warm,  then cooled back down slowly.

 It’s nothing to worry about as the lumps easily dissolve when rubbed between your fingers. Your Woohoo has not been damaged or gone off, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Phew ;)

If one day you do find you have a lumpy Woohoo and you’re not 100% happy with it, just get in touch with us at crew@woohoobody.com.au and we’ll look after you :)