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G'day and thanks for becoming a Woohoo-er! This page is here to help you get to know your new Woohoo products.

We want you to have huge wins with our creations, whether it's controlling body odour, or hair frizz, or breakouts!

Here at Woohoo we do things a little differently and our products aren't really what you'd call conventional, so please grab a cuppa and follow the links below to discover our very best tips and tricks for each product in our range. coffee

Deodorant and the Armpit Detox Mask

Our natural deodorants work differently to conventional deodorants and antiperspirants.

If you’re new to natural deodorant you might need an "armpit detox" (a.k.a a deep clean!) before your natural deodorant is totally effective.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Our shampoo and conditioner are super concentrated (so a little goes a long way) and feel a bit different!

If you’re switching from silicone-based products you
might need a few washes before seeing game-changing results. It’s worth the wait!

Also, for most people our conditioner should be used sparingly & rinsed out
straight after working through your hair.

Face & Body Care

Whatever your skin type, the secret to healthy, glowy skin starts with 3 products, twice a day. Cleanse, treat, moisturize, repeat!

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