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There are some new products in Happy Land!

Ooooh yes, there are some new shiny products in Happy Land. They haven’t grown up to full size but these little sisters are ready to rock your bathroom.

Did you know that good cleansing is the foundation for good skin? Cleanse wrong and the rest of your products have to work overtime to get the job done.

We’ve already got 2 breathtakingly-amazing cleansers, but with 2 more in the mix now we have a cleanser for everyone and every occasion. One even covers formal A-list events with its suave black attire ;)

The full sized versions are coming soon but for now you can try these little ladies in sample size to see if they’re right for you.

Don’t forget - as always - we want to know what you think (WE REALLY REALLY REALLY DO) - so we’d be elated if you could leave us a review!

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Meet the…. ‘Chirpy Charcoal’ Cleansing Gel

Sometimes you've just gotta get stuff done. So the morning routine needs to be quick and snappy. When you are on the fly you need products that can keep up to speed but also they need to keep taking care of your skin and maintain your freaking fabulous status.

It has some pretty cool sciency stuff going on like having a synergistic blend of anionic, non ionic and amphoteric ingredients in so that this black beauty cleans and clears without stripping or drying out your skin. It is also fragrance free so it is fantastic for sensitive skin.

Add some bromelain-rich pineapple and activated charcoal and you have one cool cleanser that your pores will love. It suits all skin types, it’s oil free, and it’s BRILLIANT if you’re prone to breakouts.

Seeing a jet black cleanser for the first time is a little weird but Chirpy Charcoal is here to be your Fonzie. It is a super cool, no fuss, gentle cleanser that just knows how to treat you right.

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Say g’day to the …. ‘Mighty Fine’ Micellar Cleansing Water

“Makeup be gone!”[drops mic and swaggers off stage].

That’s how the ‘Mighty Fine’ Micellar Cleansing Water rolls.

With a simple swipe of a facial pad this ultra gentle cleanser attracts, dirt, grime, pollution, oil, makeup or any other impurities from your skin with aplomb. You don’t even need to rinse it off (but we recommend you do).

It also has some cool sciency stuff going on with a harmonious balance of anionic, non ionic and amphoteric ingredients mixed into a soft water. This gives it awesome cleansing power while still being kind to your skin. No overstripping, drying and tight feeling with the Mighty Fine.

It contains pineapple extract for its enzyme bromelain which adds some exfoliation to the mix. It not only cleanses but can help remove dead skin cells for nice clean and clear complexion.

Pineapple is accompanied with White Tea for its wonderful anti oxidant, nourishing, calming and toning properties.

So when you can’t be stuffed going through the full routine but know you should... relax. We’ve all been there and that is why the ‘Mighty Fine’ Micellar Cleansing Water was created. We want to make it quick and easy to keep your skin clean, clear, toned and prepped for moisturisation all in one step.

Ohh we nearly forget to mention that it smells soooo good. It has sweet, zesty, uplifting tangerine aroma.

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Let’s not forget the …. ‘Warm Fuzzies’ Firming Body Cream

With its alluring coffee and orange scent you’ll soon be reaching for the hot chocolate, a warm blanket and a good book knowing you can relax fully with beautiful, hydrated skin. No scaly legs under these tracksuit pants ;)

So this puppy isn’t new, but they didn’t have a little bro until now. You can now try the Warm Fuzzies with a generous 20g sample pot.

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