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Why you should make the switch to natural shampoo and conditioner

  • 4 min read

Why you should make the switch to natural shampoo and conditioner

No one likes a bad hair day. However, if you find you’re having many more bad hair days than good hair days there might be an underlying reason for this.

Consider the effect of heat styling, airborne pollutants and hair products that are packed with toxins we can’t even pronounce. Hello crazy hair!

Unfortunately we can’t control the damage caused by external aggressors (like wind, UV rays and pollution), but we can make conscious choices about the products we choose to slather on our strands.

Here are just a few reasons why making the switch to natural might be the best treat you can give your cheesed-off tresses – and your conscience.

Bid farewell to nasty ingredients

First things first, we must learn to love ingredient labels. Don’t worry, you don’t need to turn into a complete science boffin and spend hours digesting lengthy lists on the back of your bottles. No, you just need to clue up on common ‘dubious’ ingredients.

Switching to natural hair care makes it a whole lot easier to avoid questionable ingredients, such as synthetic fragrance, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, silicones and other really-hard-to-say ingredients like polyethylene glycols (no wonder it gets shortened to PEG!) and triethanolamine.

Remember though that just because an ingredient has a long name and is hard to say that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad! Take Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) for example. It's one of our very favourite ingredients, and one of the hardest to say ;)

Reality check: it’s super hard tocompletelyavoid suspect ingredients in your life. Yet, by choosing natural hair care you can definitely make a big dent in the number of potential nasties you’re exposed to regularly. At the very least, it’s a great start!

Say ‘hello’ to amazing hair and scalp health

It makes sense that your hair needs nourishment, just like your skin, right? Well, thankfully there are an abundance of natural, botanical ingredients that can enhance hair shine, soften your strands and deeply moisturise tresses for a truly healthy head of hair.

Whereas many traditional hair care products - while they give you an instant “wow how smooth and shiny is my hair” feeling - can actually be doing more bad than good.

Shampoos with sulphates, for example, strip your hair of its natural oils, resulting in dry and dull hair and an over production of oils on the scalp. They also remove the good bacteria which is vital to balance a healthy scalp. You often don’t even realise this is happening because your conditioner is also coating your hair with silicones to make it feel smooth and healthy when really it’s not.

Instead of stripping and weakening the hair and damaging your scalp, gentle ingredients (like the clever ones found in our Shampoo & Conditioner) support the health of your scalp and hair, which in turn results in a naturally ah-mazing mane that is super strong, healthy, and needs less washing.

Good for hair, great for your skin

Did you know that your skin can really be impacted by your shampoo and conditioner choices too? Even though many of us don’t usually see our scalps so we don’t tend to think about them, your scalp health is determined by your hair care routine. And to let you in on a little secret… A healthy scalp is the first step to healthy hair.

Quite a few common ingredients in commercial shampoos and conditioners have been known to cause skin allergies or irritation. Who wants that? Not us!

By choosing gentle, natural hair care you can avoid the possible adverse side effects of pesky breakouts and rashes.

Our haircare products are based on amino acids, native waratah, prebiotics and quinoa to support the microbiome of your scalp. This improves the shine, lustre, strength and softness of your hair, promoting long-term hair health, less frizz, less breakages, and less hair loss over time.

Natural is nicer for the planet

Apart from reducing your exposure to harsh ingredients and potential toxins, which is a huge win, choosing natural hair care is better for the environment too.

​Did you know most shampoos and conditioners aren't biodegradable? We certainly didn't back when we started formulating the Woohoo hair range, and it has been a real shock along our hair care journey to discover that so many "green" skincare brands (including many solid shampoo bars) are not only non-biodegradable but they contain sodium cocoyl isethionate which is "harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects"!

Switching to biodegradable hair formulas like ours will see fewer harmful ingredients washing down the drain and ending up in our waterways. Also, by supporting brands that opt for recyclable, minimal plastic, eco-friendly packaging, these are big bonuses for our planet.

So, instead of asking yourself ‘why should you make the switch’, maybe consider the question ‘why wouldn’t you?’

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