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Seabin Project - a very worthy invention

Seabin Project - a very worthy invention

Perhaps you’re a surfer, or a swimmer? Heck, even if you’re not an ocean lover, surely you’re interested in freeing the planet of pollution? You know, for the greater good and all.

With a little thought, we can all do our bit for the environment.

Take the ‘Seabin Project’, for example (https://seabinproject.com/).

The sea what?

Sadly, much of our waste doesn’t go where it’s supposed to (i.e. mostly the recycling bin!!!!) and all too much rubbish ends up in our waterways and pollutes our oceans.

As you might suspect from its name, the ‘seabin’ is a floating rubbish bin for the ocean, which is an ingenious idea.

Even better though, is the fact it was created by two stellar Aussie blokes.

Passionate surfers Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski came up with the idea of creating a ‘seabin’ that would sit on the water’s surface and move up and down with the tide, collecting waste, oil, fuel and detergents.

With the potential to catch half a tonne of floating debris in a year, the seabin could be the answer to a “pollution free ocean for future generations” (that’s the inventors’ goal anyhow!).

But – though genius – it still sucks that we’ve had to resort to such extreme measures to keep our planet clean and safe to enjoy.

It’s time to stop sitting back and doing nothing about the issue.

We could all be that little bit more socially responsible - even if we start small - and reduce our reliance on awesome inventions like the Seabin.

For example by making more conscious choices about what we buy, we can do our bit for the future of the planet.

You don’t need to don a superhero cape to reduce your waste or make more environmentally conscious choices. You just need to read the labels.

Let’s think about something us blokes consume a lot – like shaving products.

Next time you’re in need of a new grooming product, don’t buy blindly. Instead look for a brand that’s toxin free (like ours—wink, wink) and uses natural ingredients that won’t harm the environment.

But it’s not just the formulas we need to be mindful of, it’s the packaging too.

By supporting brands that have made the conscious decision to house their formulas in recycled plastic (as opposed to virgin plastic which hasn’t been recycled), you can help reduce the amount of plastic that ultimately ends up floating in the ocean.

Also, keep an eye out for products that are stored in biodegradable packaging. Instead of hanging around for thousands of years, biodegradable packaging breaks down faster. While still not ideal, it’s definitely a leap in the right direction.

If everyone made a few small changes to help reduce the amount of plastic and waste that ends up in the ocean, we could support a healthier marine ecosystem and reduce our environmental footprint.

In the meantime, hats off to the ‘Seabin’ blokes for taking a stand and showing us men what’s possible when we protect what matters.