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How to make the switch to natural grooming

Gents: I have a question for you… what exactly is stopping you from making the switch to an all-natural grooming routine?

Think it’s going to turn you into a Kombucha guzzling, bare footed hippy?

Or perhaps you believe the formulas will smell like a noxious combination of flowers and murky green stuff and won’t actuallywork?

We hate to be the cynic police, but most products in the clean beauty category are generallynoneof those things.

Here's another question: What do you know about the ingredients you’re slathering all over your mug?

Just take shaving for example. Whether you’re sporting a full-on beard, ‘tache’ or you’re a stickler for the clean-shaven look, managing facial hair is a major part of your skin routine.

Yet, check out the packaging of your typical shave cream and you’ll find a long list of rogue ingredients, like parabens, animal by-products, alcohol and preservatives which is not only crappy for your skin, but also the environment.

It's about time for usallto rethink the product we rub into our mugs every day.

By switching to natural plant-based grooming products you can enjoy all the skin benefits minus the toxins.

So what's a lad to do when he wants to detox his grooming routine, so to speak, without sacrificing quality... or luxury?

Even if you don’t go all-out natural, why not start by switching out the products you use most often - like shaving cream and daily moisturiser?

OurShave Oil Gel combines Olive Oil, Macadamia Oil, Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil and Cedarwood Essential Oil. This burly blend of all natural ingredients creates an unbelievably rich oil that glides the contours of your face the way a Harley takes on bends.

Fewer nicks and cuts, less irritation - just the best shave possible.

Post shave you need to protect your skin from the elements and lock in moisture. Whether you choose aftershave or moisturiser, what’s the point in slapping a kitbag of potentially harmful (for you or the planet) toxins on your grill?

HESO Moisturiser uses natural goods (Hemp Seed Oil, Colloidal Oatmeal and Vitamin B3, for example) to soothe and condition your skin and reduce any post-shave redness.

All in all, the trick is to keep things simple. Start small and make little changes that deliver big gains.

Thinking of ditching the chemicals in favour of natural grooming but not sure where to start? We hear you and we’ve totally got you covered.

Why not take ourHESO Sample Pack on a test drive; three steps, no fuss.