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Get free products and discounts with the Happy Earth Recycling Program

Get free products and discounts with the Happy Earth Recycling Program

No matter what kind of packaging you use - even if it is plastic free (like glass bottles) - you need to make sure it’s being recycled properly.

If it’s not, then it just means more landfill and more strain on the environment. And that’s the complete opposite of what we’re trying to achieve!

We feel an ENORMOUS responsibility as a brand that our impact on the Earth is not a negative one. We don’t even want a neutral impact. We want to make this place better, happier, healthier for everyone.

And one way that we’re hoping to do that is through our new Happy Earth Recycling Club.

The problem with local council recycling

It has become all too clear that confidence in our council recycling is low (at least it is here in Newcastle!). If someone muffs it up and too much non recyclable content ends up in the back of the recycling truck the whole thing goes to landfill. All your recycling efforts just went down the drain.

And what we can and can’t recycle is very confusing. There isn’t a lot of information on which beauty packaging can be recycled.

Beauty packaging is particularly tricky because it can be made up of lots of smaller parts. For example, a lotion pump needs to have the plastic separated from the metal spring before it can be recycled. Or some tubes need to be handled by a special process because they're made up of layers of different types of plastic.

Your beauty products could go 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Recycled by your local council (and potentially go to landfill anyway if you or someone else did something wrong),
  2. Go straight to general waste (landfill), or...
  3. Be recycled the right way by a specialised facility.

#3 definitely sounds the best to us. So to make it a little easier we are creating a club.

Be confident that your packaging will be recycled right

We wanted to do something proactive in helping close the loop, knowing we are doing what we can to make sure the packaging we create is getting recycled and that our impact on the Earth is a positive one.

Introducing… Terracycle. They’re a brilliant company filled with super smart scientist boffins, and these great people have the ability to recycle hard to recycle plastics (including beauty products).

So to make it fun we’ve come up with a way for you to help us recycle more beauty packaging and stop it from going to landfill.

Recycle and get free Happy products + discounts

Collect your hard-to-recycle Woohoo Skincare product packaging (that's pumps, sprayers and tubes) and send them to us.

Please give them a clean first, or scape them out really well. 👍

We’ll save them up and once we have enough we will then send them Terracycle so they can get a new life.

We know some people will be all over this, but we want everyone to get excited about recycling so we’re going to reward you with free products and discounts!

In return for every 10 qualifying recyclables we receive, you’ll earn 300 Happy Points (as a part of our Love Happy Rewards Program). Next time you order you can trade in your points for discounts and freebies. Nice, right?

Ready to recycle? Click here to let us know you’re sending a package our way.