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[Video] First World Antiperspirant Problems

[Video] First World Antiperspirant Problems

We've been busy little beavers, working hard on a little project that we're hoping will help spread the Woohoo word (because that's what this whole shebang is all about - helping people make the natural deodorant switch).

It's been a few months in the making, and today is pretty gosh darn exciting for us. We finally get to see what you think!!!!! Scroll downto check out our (we think)freaking hilarious new video.

We've never done anything like this before so we're feeling pretty chuffed. But of course it's not what we think that matters.... it's what YOU think.

Let us know - leave us a comment - and if you think we deserve it then pleaseshare it with your mates! To see our video being shared around the world would really spin us out. It starts with a laugh, but we're hoping that will lead to everyone realising how much antiperspirant deodorants really do STINK :)