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Earth Day - are you ready to be 1% better?

  • 3 min read

Did you know that today is Earth Day? It is!

If you haven’t heard about Earth Day before, let us fill you in :) It’s a pretty special day. It’s time to take a minute and think about this wondrous, big planet of ours, and the impact that we have on it.

Even though it’s just a day, we like to think bigger than just a single day. When it comes to thinking about the Earth we’re thinking long term, and we’re hoping you’ll join us.

When we first started Woohoo we didn’t actually realise the impact that one little (getting bigger!) brand could have on the environment, but with growth comes a lot of responsibility, and that's not something we take lightly.

We don’t actually talk about this much, but we’re a member of a really cool organisation called 1% For The Planet. So today we’re going to shout about it from the rafters. Why? Because it’s important, and by purchasing Woohoo you’re already making a difference, even if you don’t realise it yet!

1% For The Planet is all about making a pledge to help the planet (with your help). Woohoo (and our sister brand Woohoo Skincare) have joined up with the inspiring folk at 1% For The Planet to donate 1% of our business turnover (not just profit) to helping the environment. In the past we’ve donated 10% of our profits to charity, but this is stepping it up a notch, and we’re VERY excited.

In the USA only 3% of philanthropic donations go to environmental causes, and the trend for Australia looks to be pretty similar. Our lands, waters, and species are threatened like never before. Especially with recent changes in Australia when it comes to recycling (but we’ll save that post for another day!).

Let’s do something about this together, with a simple little commitment to being just 1% better :)

Where is your 1% going?

It’s hard to decide which charity we send our 1% to, but we do have some favourite Aussie charities that we’ve been helping with our donations.

So far we’ve been able to send donations to Take 3 for the Sea, Oz Harvest and the Humane Society International, and we’re still trying to decide where last quarter’s 1% will go. We’re definitely open to suggestions, so if you have an environmental charity close to your heart (who is able to register as a part of 1% For the Planet), then we would love to hear from you!

What else are we doing?

The number 1 way that our little company has an impact on our beautiful earth is through out packaging, so we wanted to let you know about some exciting changes that are happening in Woohoo World.

Our original Woohoo jars are made from plastic, and we’ve just made a BIG improvement to them. Instead of normal plastic, the jars have been switched to bio-plastic. This means that they’re made from sugarcane, which is renewable and doesn’t require petrochemicals. Yay! Bioplastic is still 100% recyclable and these cute little jars are re-usable to the max. Just quietly… you’re going to be seeing Surf in these veeeeeeeeeeery soon.

While we still have plastic jars as an option, we are so very thrilled at how much you’re all loving the tin packaging that we brought in last year! Go you! We’ve just managed to find a supplier of new tins that are stronger than ever before (and they look darn good too). Another win!

Lastly (but FAR from leastly), we’re not far away now from launching our Woohoo sticks which are going to be 100% plastic free and packaged in eco-friendly cardboard tubes. This has been a massive project because we’ve reformulated every Woohoo deodorant from scratch to make them work in stick form, but we think these are even BETTER than our deodorant pastes. We’re tremendously excited about these.

It’s so incredible that as a community we’re becoming more and more aware of the impact we have on the earth, and together we really are going to create massive change. Please remember though that being eco-friendly is a journey - it’s not a switch that you can flick on and BAM you’re there. It’s all about the little changes you can make in your life, and being mindful of small things.

Kudos to you for reading this far, it has been a big blog post. Time for some fresh air and planet appreciation time. Enjoy! x