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A peek inside our sample packs

Our sample packs are the very best way to get a taste of the wonderful things that Woohoo Skincare can do for your skin.

This year we’re on a mission to make our natural skincare range as simple (and effective!) as possible, so our sample packs have had a little make-over.

Now they’re even *more* helpful when it comes to targeting the skin concerns that you care about most.

After all, the #1 reason we’re here is to make you happy in your skin.

We’ve got 3 different sample packs to help you discover your perfect skincare routine, so you can choose the pack that suits your skin type, knowing that it’s going to be filled to the brim with skin goodness.

Orrrrrr.... if one of our 3 curated packs aren't exactly what you're looking for, you can build your own bespoke sample pack.

Watch Phoebe brave the camera to tell you a little more about what you’ll find in our packs 😋:

Our 3 different packs are:

  1. The Pro-Ageing Sample Pack (our best seller!) - this one has been created for normal and combination skin types and has everything you need to have strong, healthy, glowy skin, defending you against daily photoageing (sun damage) and other environmental damage.
  2. The Clearing Sample Pack - for oily, acne prone and teen skin, this pack balances oil production and helps keep breakouts and blemishes under control - even if your teenage years are well behind you but hormones wreak havoc.
  3. The Calming Sample Pack - for dry, *very* sensitive skin types and redness, our Calming products gives your skin the extra TLC that it needs to restore a healthy barrier, keep moisture locked in, reduce the appearance of redness and prevent flare-ups.

Please remember: Every single product we create - regardless of which skin type it targets - is designed to be non-sensitising and to help your skin stay strong and glowy over the years.

Have you tried one of our sample packs yet, or know someone who should? They make the cutest little gifts 🥰.

If you have any questions or need a little help with anything at all, just holler! We’re only an email away, or you can book a free 15 minute consult with us here.

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