G'day, we're Aaron and Phoebe. Woohoo Body and Happy Skincare are our brand-babies.

We ship your orders plastic-free - those little peanuts are compostable and dissolve in water 👍

Happy Factory 2nds

Happy Factory 2nds

From time to time some of our creations aren't quite perfect so here's your chance to snap up a bargain with our Factory Seconds!

The product inside is absolutely as it should be (we never send out anything unless the quality is top notch!), but your packaging may be marked or the printing may be hard to read or missing.

But its what's on the inside that matters, right?


Need extra strength and citrus zest? Choose Wild (Green)

Sensitive skin or looking for bicarb free? Choose Mellow (Yellow)

Love classic florals? Choose Urban (Pink)

Prefer to keep your scent super subtle? Choose fruity Surf (Blue)

Happy World Earth Day  :)

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