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Woohoo lovers! Do we have something for you (and a big favour to ask, actually) :)

We’ve got this idea for an exciting way to spread the word about our creations, and it involves YOU.

You see, as a small family business without deep pockets for schmick advertising campaigns we really rely you to help us spread the word about our creations. It’s your recommendation to other lovers of non-toxic, ethical, vegan, all natural, and totally effective products that helps keep our world turning so we can keep on creating more skin fabulousness for you.

So this is a call out to adorers of Woohoo Body (and Woohoo's sister brand, Happy Skincare, also made by yours truly!) - far and wide - to help us in our crusade to win the world’s hearts. Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Share an image or video of yourself, with your most loved Woohoo product, and we’ll be forever grateful! Our idea is to make a video out of your incredible submissions and hope it goes viral :) :)

Of course we’ll send you something special to thank you for your troubles too!

Just by sending in your photo we’ll send a $10 discount code your way. And if you up the ante and send a video? A slick $20 discount code will be yours. Terms and conditions apply.

But that’s not all. If your submission is one of our favourite for the month, we’ll send you a whopping $100 gift certificate that will have you basking in skin glowiness all year.

Don’t stress about looking “perfect”

Worried about not looking camera ready? Please don’t be! We want to see you looking just like you. Your beautiful, natural self and your smile is what we’re most excited about seeing.

Click here to send us your selfie

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please submit your photo or video via our online form here: or if you are having issues submitting your photo or video please email it to
  2. You can also submit photos and videos via This promotion is being hosted on both the Happy Skincare and Woohoo Body websites and these terms and conditions apply to submissions via either website.
  3. Submissions open 10 February 2019 and close 11.59pm 2 March 2019 AEST.
  4. By submitting your photo or video you are consenting to it being published on the  Happy Skincare and/or Woohoo Body websites, social media pages, and inclusion in a video that will be used for social media advertising.
  5. We may not be able to publish all submissions.
  6. Qualifying photo submissions will receive a $10 discount code via email after we’ve reviewed your photo.
  7. Qualifying video submissions will receive a $20 discount code via email after we’ve reviewed your video.
  8. The discount codes will be valid for purchases on and will be valid until 11.59pm March 31 2019 AEST. They may be used to purchase Happy Skincare or Woohoo Body branded products.
  9. There’s a limit of 3 submissions/entries per person.
  10. There’s a limit of 1 discount code (also referred to as “discount”) per order.
  11. Each discount code can only be used once per customer.
  12. Our favourite submission each month will be awarded a $100 Happy Skincare gift voucher via email, to be used within 12 months from when the gift voucher is awarded. The winner will be decided on the 4th of each month, starting in April 2019. Winner will be contacted via email within 2 days.
  13. Photos qualify for a discount code if they show you with your favourite Happy Skincare or Woohoo Body products.
  14. Videos qualify for a discount code if they are at least 10 seconds long and show you and your favourite Happy Skincare or Woohoo Body products. You might want to video yourself telling us why you love them or demonstrating how you use them (i.e. you don’t need to be talking in the video!).