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'Calming' Sample Pack (for Dry, Super Sensitive Skin & Redness)

46 reviews
  • Total pack value $51 (basics) or $87 (deluxe) when sold separately
  • Soothe, calm, relieve, protect
  • 100.0% natural
  • Combination, Dry,
  • Aggravated / Itchy, Dryness / Flaking, Redness / Rosacea, Sensitive / Reactive,
  • 2+ week supply of each product
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We know difficult skin and the extra TLC it needs. If you're experiencing redness, rosacea, eczema, excessive dryness or flaking, or your skin is just *incredibly* sensitive, then these products are our picks for you!(+ FREE Australian shipping and 200 Bonus Reward Points).

You've got 2 packs to choose from, depending on how many products you want to try:

  • The Basics - 4 products to suit your skin type, to dip your toe in, or
  • The Deluxe Pack - 8 products to suit your skin type, for the whole shebang! 

See the 'What's in the Pack' section to find out what treats are in store for you :) 

We're also...

Click on the link for each product in the pack for its ingredients (The Basics sample pack contains the first 4 products only. All eight products are included in the Deluxe sample pack ) :

'Cloud 9' Deep Cleansing Balm - 20g SAMPLE

Luxurious, soap free and a divine citrus aroma - this organic cleansing balm may be the best thing you ever do for your skin. Dissolve the oily impurities in your skin, gently melting away daily grime, oxidised sebum (black heads), makeup an sunscreen.

'Raindrops on Roses' Hydrating Tonic - 15ml SAMPLE recycled plastic

All skin types (especially dry & sensitive skin) will flourish with the help of this hydrating, rejuvenating, gently exfoliating, soothing, refreshing and uplifting rosewater tonic

'Over the Moon' Rich Repair Cream - 12ml SAMPLE

A deeply hydrating, rich, luscious daily moisturising cream with Vitamin B3 for normal, dry and combination skin types that soaks in quickly and without that heavy feeling. Incredibly soothing for the most sensitive skin.

'Laugh Out Loud' Nourishing Facial Oil - 5ml sample

Stressed-out skin has just met its match. The Laugh Out Loud hydrates, repairs and reduces the appearance of redness with Jojoba, CoQ10, Bisabolol and Papaya Seed Oil. Ideal for dry skin and redness, a few drops a day will smooth stressed skin.

The Deluxe pack contains the items above, as well as the following:

'Pig-In-Mud' Mineral Mask - Oily / Combination / 4g Sachet SAMPLE

Detox, tone, revitalise, remove blackheads, reduce pores, smooth rough skin, reduce signs of ageing and recover from breakouts. We have 2 masks - one targeting at rejuvenating dry and sensitive skin, and the other at balancing oil and helping breakouts for oily and combination skin.

'Sweet Dreams' Ultra-Rich Beauty Cream - 5g sample

Deeply moisturising, calming and detoxifying, this velvety ultra rich probiotic anti-pollution beauty cream works to repair the day’s damage while you sleep, helping to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, redness, age spots and visible pores.

'Fairy Godmother' Serum #3 - Calm & Protect (redness and hypersensitivity) - 5ml sample

Fairy Godmother Serum #3 is the 3rd and final serum in our Fairy Godmother collection, providing a beautiful gentle yet extremely effective formula for those of us experiencing redness and hypersensitivity. It's the ultimate anti-cranky-skin serum.

Dilo Oil (Tamanu Oil) - 5ml SAMPLE

Dilo Oil (a.k.a. Tamanu Oil) has natural anti-inflammatory, moisturising and healing properties. No wonder it's known as "nature's first aid kit" for skin. There’s no need for complex formulas - this silky nut oil from pristine Fiji is a skin superhero, especially for aggravated and scarred skin.

  • Vegan
  • Australian made and owned
  • Not tested on animals
  • We're proud members of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of our wholesale sales to helping the planet.
  • By supporting rePurpose Global to remove twice as much nature-bound plastic waste as our packaging creates, Woohoo Body + Happy Skincare are officially certified Plastic Negative. Learn more.

We know first hand all about difficult skin. And we know that some skin needs a LOT of extra TLC. That doesn't mean more products - it just means being extra careful with your product selection and only choosing what is going to make your skin happy.

If you're experiencing  redness, rosacea, eczema, excessive dryness or flaking, or your skin is just *incredibly* sensitive or sensitised, then these products are our picks for you!

This pack of deluxe, super-sized samples will give you 2+ weeks supply of our best skin balancing and calming products, and give you a huge helping of "spoil yourself" too (not to mention the free shipping and 200 Bonus Reward Points) :)

Why this sample pack is going to help your skin

Our Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm is surfactant free and uses oils to cleanse instead of soaps. That means your skin is moisturised and comfortable after cleansing instead of tight and itchy. Don’t be scared of using oils on your skin - your skin actually *needs* its oily acid mantle to give your skin a protective barrier that helps prevent further sensitivity.

To help rebalance sensitive and sensitised skin after cleansing we developed our Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic. Steam-distilled Rose Hydrosol combined with skin-soothing Aloe Vera Juice assist with cell renewal and repair while imparting a wonderful rosy scent. Ahh….

Our Fairy Godmother Serum #3 contains hyaluronic acid which will allow your skin to draw in incredible amounts of moisture, while wild indigo extract destresses your skin and fermented noni balances your skin’s microbiome and reduces redness.

If you have sensitised skin you shouldn't miss the Laugh Out Loud Anti-Stress Facial Oil. It hydrates, repairs and reduces the appearance of redness with Jojoba, CoQ10, Bisabolol and Papaya Seed Oil. It's ideal for dry skin and redness - a few drops a day will smooth stressed skin.It can be worn under creams or in place or your moisturiser, making it a must have.

The Pig In Mud Mineral Mask is a natural detoxifier and a very gentle exfoliator, so it's giong to act as a magnet to remove toxins from your skin.

If you love creams we can’t go past Over The Moon Rich Repair Cream. It's a deeply hydrating, rich, luscious daily moisturising cream for that’s incredibly soothing for the most sensitive skin. Potent native Australian antioxidants plus the essential beauty mineral MSM helps to improve your skin barrier function, keeping moisture in while calming inflammation. Wahoo! 

Is your skin "sensitive" or "sensitised"?

The words ‘sensitive’ and ‘sensitised’ are often used interchangeably when it comes to your skin. But did you know that they’re not the same?

Click here to learn more about which one describes your skin best and how to manage your sensitivity (whether you're 'sensitive' or 'sensitised' there's a very good chance that this sample pack is what your skin is craving!).  

How to cleanse, tone and moisturise (for best results repeat morning and night)

  1. Lock yourself in your bathroom (just joking – but this is your chance for some “me” time)
  2. Using dry hands massage an almond sized amount of Cloud 9 into your face for at least 30 seconds, using circular motions to melt away daily grime and makeup.
  3. Gently remove the balm from your skin by wiping with a warm damp Konjac sponge or soft cloth, paying particular attention to your hairline. Pat dry with a towel.
  4. Apply some of the Raindrops on Roses Hydrating Tonic and wait for it to soak in.
  5. Follow with your preferred moisturiser, either the Over the Moon Rich Repair Cream, a few drops of Dilo Oil, or both! (always use oil before cream if using both)

How to detox with the ‘Pig In Mud’ Mineral Mask (1 to 2 times per week)

  1. Cleanse first with the Cloud 9 Deep Cleansing Balm
  2. Put 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of dry clay into a small bowl or the palm of your hand (using your hand is messier!)
  3. Mix in 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of water. A thin consistency tends to work best unless targeting specific blackheads or pimples.
  4. Avoiding your eyes, spread it over your face in a thin layer.
  5. Leave it on for 10 min or until the mask dries. For sensitive skin start with 5 min.
  6. Wet your hands and start massaging your face until the mask is wet again and wash off with warm water. If using a cloth please use a dark colour to avoid stains. No one likes extra laundry duties.
  7. Apply some tonic and moisturise well (this is important as the mask can be slightly drying as it draws out impurities).
  8. Admire your soft, clean and purified skin
  9. Don’t be alarmed if you get a blemish the following day – this does happen occasionally because of impurities being drawn to the skin’s surface. Re-apply a small amount of mask to the problem area.

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Ingredients - 'Calming' Sample Pack (for Dry, Super Sensitive Skin & Redness)

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