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Our high-active, vegan, cruelty free, clean skincare range has been 13 years in the making, and over that time we’ve learned what really works when it comes to caring for challenging skin.
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To stop the sweat and control body odour, many people reach for a traditional deodorant or antiperspirant - without really thinking about the ingredients they’re putting on their skin. But here At Woohoo, we think A LOT, particularly when it comes to what ingredients are in and what ingredients are out of our natural deodorant formulas.

Yes, it *is* true - there are both synthetic and natural ingredients in your moisturiser and other skincare products that you might need to avoid while you are pregnant. The confusing thing is that it’s not black and white, and a lot of the data out there is based on EATING ingredients, not applying them to your skin.
When it comes to formulating our deodorant & skin products there are lot of things to take into account, but our #1 priority is product safety. Sure, it's great to use natural ingredients. And it's even better if the products get you sensational results. But none of that matters if the product isn't good for you.
It’s no secret that zero actual humans have the poreless, perfect skin portrayed in airbrushed ads and flawless Instagram accounts. In fact, in recent years, a little something called the ‘skin positivity movement’ is helping us rethink the way we talk about and treat our skin.

Dealing with chub rub (rubbing thighs), chafing, and breast sweat? You’re not alone! Sure, chafing and sweaty boobs feel pretty uncomfortable, and make you feel self-conscious - but they’re totally normal – and can affect everybody, regardless of your body shape or level of activity. It's just what bodies do. 

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The latest buzz sweeping the skincare world is all about your skin barrier and why it’s so darn important. The importance of your skin barrier is not a new buzz. It has been around forever and should be the foundation of any skincare product. Here are our top tips for repairing a damaged skin barrier.
Sweat gets a bad rap. We blame it for stink. We accuse it of staining our clothes, and we react in disgust when it appears. But in actuality, sweat is pretty darn awesome and an essential part of being human. No, really. Sweating can be messy (and smelly), but it’s also your body’s natural cooling mechanism.

Acne scars can hang about for a very looooong time. But it’s not all doom and gloom. You can reduce the appearance of acne scars with some skincare know-how, a whole lotta’ lurve and some patience. Look for products high in Vitamins C and B3, bio-retinols, AHAs, BHAs and hyaluronic acid to help heal your acne scars.

Managing sensitive skin can be somewhat tricky. Not only can sensitive skin be cranky-pants and changeable, but finding skincare products that won’t strip your skin, irritate it, or leave it red and itchy can be challenging. But hey, there’s good news! There are an ever-growing number of natural moisturisers on the market specifically designed with sensitive skin in mind.

Don’t beat yourself up over sunburrn. Instead, focus on relieving your discomfort and repairing the damage that has been done to minimise the long-term effects on your skin. The cure-all answer is surprisingly simple: just cool and moisturise your burned skin with nature’s remedies! Here are a few of our favourites.