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Two vegans are better than one – We’re now registered with the Vegan Society

This week we’re chuffed because Happy Skincare has officially been given the seal of approval by The Vegan Society. We are now allowed to carry the international Vegan trademark so you will see it on the website and products soon.

You may be thinking that we were already accredited Vegan and we were, by PETA. But every organisation has different checks and balances to ensure you are doing what you claim. PETA mainly focuses on animal cruelty, but the Vegan Society has a focus on animal-derived ingredients. So having both is a good thing. It’s like a double check

grapefuitIn short, the Vegan Society’s symbol represents that our products avoid all animal derived ingredients such as bone, dairy, eggs, beeswax, animal oil and honey and, as far as possible, products tested on animals.

The Vegan Society were definitely very thorough in their investigation of our products so we’re very excited to have passed! We even learned a few little things along the way.

Did you know that some argan nuts are passed through goats (i.e. eaten and then pooped out) before argan oil is made from the nuts? Or that some citrus fruits are waxed with insect-derived shellac? Neither did we!

Choose Cruelty Free

Choose Cruelty FreePaperwork snails is an Australian organisation which campaigns for an end to animal testing of cosmetics, toiletries and other household products. We’re also working on accreditation with them but is taking way longer than expected. Partly because we are really busy, and partly because some of our suppliers were being snails in completing some paperwork.

We had to play hard-ball and have now found new suppliers who can fill out paperwork faster! Our Choose Cruelty Free accreditation is now just around the corner.

Something Completely Bonkers

rhianna-300x300-2008-11-131This week we read that the pop star Rhianna spends $55 000 a week on beauty treatments. Yes you read it correctly, $55,000 a week! Someone should introduce her to the Happy Skincare 4 Step System, she could slash her beauty bill by at least $54 988.

Have splendid long weekend

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