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Not long ago we made a decision to ditch the words anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, anti-sagging: and alllll the counter-attacking yucky terminology that often comes with the beauty industry. In its place, we started talking about something we’ve always been passionate about - ‘pro-ageing’.

Can your mood really affect your skin?

The answer - we believe - is a big, fat YES.

(And vice-versa too… your skin can affect your mood big time! We’ve both had our fair share of skin battles Aaron’s eczema and Phoebe’s acne - so we’re all over this one.)

WHOA. Being a teenager in the 70,  80s and 90s was way more straightforward than today (anyone remember trying to keep your Tamagotchi alive!?). Teens and tweens are being bombarded by unrealistic images of perfection thanks to social media and, er, Kylie Jenner and have become slaves to their screens.

Given most of us are in a perpetual state of distraction thanks to social media and our smartphones (and funny memes… and MAFS...!), it’s no  wonder the Slow Food and Slow Living Movement exist. Now without further ado we’d like you to meet our most trusted friend of all… the Slow Beauty movement.

If we asked you “Have you ever kept a skin diary?”, I’m sure we’d be met with oodles of puzzled faces staring back at screens all over Australia (and the world!).

Yes, it does sound a little bizarre at first, but it can be SUPER helpful, especially if you’ve got problem skin.

You see, 99% of problem skin doesn’t just happen on its own. It’s triggered by other things in your life.

We wanted to ramble about something pretty important today. It’s important because it has to do with how you feel about yourself, and how happy you are just being you. Here goes… The idea of perfect skin is a myth. What!? Yup. We know. That’s the last thing you expected to hear from a skincare company, right?

Alrighty. Let’s stop what we’re doing and take a big, collective deep breath. There’s something in the air right now that is poised, waiting to send everyone into a perfection-seeking frenzy. Or maybe the frenzy has already got you? (Like it got us??).

The key to fabulous and flawless skin isn’t a fancy arsenal of pricey products. It’s knowing what your skin needs at every age. We’ll be the first to point out that everyone is different, and that 2 people born on the exact same day might have completely different skincare needs. BUT...

Happiness is the best thing in the world. It’s a feeling that’s instantly transforming, empowering and uplifting. It’s a feeling that inspires the deepest belly laughs and the brightest of smiles but as much as we wish it was, it is not always permanent.

We love a good at home pamper session, but sometimes you just wanna be taken care of by a professional. Now you've got 3 good reasons for a professional facial.

Get better skin while you sleep. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well we’ve got some good news – it’s totally possible and not one of those things that marketing companies say when they want to sell you their latest and greatest miracle product :)

There's no escaping what Valentine’s Day is these days. It’s a day of loooove and buying gifts. We all love to feel needed and loved... self love included.
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