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The 'Good, Clean, Fun' Blog

When it comes to formulating our deodorant & skin products there are lot of things to take into account, but our #1 priority is product safety. Sure, it's great to use natural ingredients. And it's even better if the products get you sensational results. But none of that matters if the product isn't good for you.
What’s A-Beauty? It’s short for “Australian Beauty”, and it’s not just about a particular brand or a product. It’s more of a way of thinking. A-Beauty is all about products that are minimalist, hard working, fuss free, and kind to our planet. And that pretty much describes what we’re all about here at Happy Skincare.
It was a pretty exciting moment yesterday when we wandered down the road to grab the paper - a little birdie had given us a heads up that something really cool was inside…  it was us! ;) 

It’s with an *immense* amount of happiness and a few sighs of relief that today we can announce that the new Happy Shed is OPEN! Woohooooooo.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind as we finished renovating and moved into the brand new, bigger, snazzier, custom-built Happy Shed.

A few weeks ago we dropped a few hints about changes that were on the way, and if you’re on the ball you might have noticed a few of these changes start to creep into reality… ;) We’ve quietly been working away at introducing a few very special new ways of packaging our best selling Happy creations.

To this day a jam sandwich still tastes better when Mum makes it. That’s because it was made with care and love. Contract manufacturers are are experts and know what they are doing but they are doing it for too many customers. They lose the soul.

There’s a certain “je ne sais quoi” when something is made by hand. Something inside us just feels a little tingly when something is artisan, craft, or boutique. Whether it’s artisan bread, pottery, clothes, art, or even craft beer (Aaron’s weakness!), it feels pretty special.

“Cheap supermarket cream beats the big brand names!” is always a headline that will grab your attention. That’s because we all like to save a dollar (or 2) :)
We’re incredibly proud to display our official Vegan, Cruelty Free and Australian Made logos. BUT…. there is a big one that is missing - Certified Organic.