How to use your Sonic Cleansing Brush

How to use your Sonic Cleansing Brush

For best results we recommend using the Happy Skincare Sonic Cleansing Brush for 1 minute per day with your favourite Happy Skincare cleanser, but this will depend on your skin type. Some people may prefer to use it morning & night (if you have oily skin this might apply to you!), and others might find that using it just a few times a week is enough to maintain your glow.

When you’re cleansing the most important thing to remember is that being gentle is key. If you feel the brush pulling on your skin then you’re probably pressing too hard! All you need to do is very softly let the brush glide over your skin and let the sonic pulsations do the work for you.

Make sure you watch our video for all the tips ;)

  1. Start by removing your makeup before using the sonic cleansing brush
  2. Wash the device with clean water
  3. Dampen your face with clean water
  4. Apply your favourite Happy Skincare cleanser to your face and neck.
  5. Press and hold the power button to turn on.
  6. Press again to choose your mode (the indicator light flashes twice when changing modes). We recommend sticking with the low frequency (gentlest) mode for sensitive skin.
  7. Gently apply the cleansing brush to your face and move it in slow, circular motions. Please don't press down or apply any pressure - just let it float over your skin - the sonic pulses do all the work for you.
  8. Use the softest/finest silicone touchpoints for most of your face and use the harder points for difficult to access areas or oily areas like your T-Zone and creases of your nose.
  9. Customise your cleansing time according to your skin needs. We recommend using it for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  10. After cleansing, press and hold the power button to turn off the device. Rinse it under the tap and store it in a cool, dry place.
  11. Rinse and dry your face and apply your favourite Happy tonics, serums and moisturisers 🥰.
  12. ENJOY!!

A note about charging:Your device will probably have some charge in it when it arrives, but please charge it fully before your first use. Before charging make sure there is no water in the charging port. Take the charging cable and put one end into your device and the other end into a 5V USB adapter (not included - most smartphone adapters are suitable). The indicator light will flash green when the device is charging. When the device is fully charged the indicator will stop charging.