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Woohoo Sticks With Biofill

We ship your orders plastic-free - those little peanuts are compostable and dissolve in water 👍

How to use your 'Smitten Kitten' Probiotic Cleansing Milk

Apply your cleansing milk to asoft bamboo or cotton padand wipe your face and neck. Turn the pad over and repeat until you see no residual make-up or dirt on the pad.

For removing eye makeup hold your pad over your closed eyes for a few seconds, then gently wipe your makeup away.

Use morning and night. Follow with your favourite Happy tonic, serum & moisturiser.

Tip: Reusable pads are kinder to the planet.Try our machine washable bamboo pads:)


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Gentle, non-drying, clears blemishes

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