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What are your Packing Bubbles made of?

You've seen this stuff before packing peanuts or bubbles? And perhaps gotten a little hot under the collar at a company for using something that's bad for the environment? (especially if the products you're buying are meant to be good for the environment?)

We realised that we'd upset some of you by using it and not explaining what this stuff is made from, and how cool it is! This is called bio-fill and it's made from 100% natural starch. We use it in your parcels to keep your goodies secure while they get whisked around Australia (and the world). 

The really nifty thing is that it's biodegradable and compostable. You could chuck it on the garden, or even put it in your bathtub and wet it. It will magically disappear! BUT... there are plastic alternatives that look a LOT like this good stuff.

The way to tell the difference is to wet one and if it starts to break down right away then it's the goods. So sometimes you might find us alternating between biofill and recycled paper to keep your order safe, and if you DO see this please don't worry. We have our beautiful planet in the forefront of our minds ALL THE TIME and would never use unnecessary plastic to pack your order. 

Our packing peanuts are 100% biodegradable and can be put in the compost bin, or even popped into the bath to dissolve with a little water. However if you're super eco-conscious, we recommend putting your biodegradable packing peanuts aside until next time you need to send a parcel to someone so that they can be re-used :) Here's a video showing how they dissolve in water!